Twin hope, Diana Rebman, USA, 2013

Diana Rebman/Unforgettable Behavior
October 28, 2021
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Gorilla holds two small gorilla babies
Diana Rebman/Unforgettable Behavior

Twin hope
Diana Rebman, USA

The hike to the mountain gorillas was particularly arduous. “What made all the physical effort worth it was to see the mother with her two babies,” Rebman said. The mother was a natural with her 6-month-old infants, nursing them while feeding herself. When the silverback leader of the group chased her from a nettle patch, she moved on. “In this picture, she is still tense from the encounter and continues to glance across at him,” Rebman said. “Her twins, in the comfort of their mother’s strong arms, appear blissfully ignorant.” Their future remains uncertain. Mountain gorillas are endangered, threatened by habitat loss, poaching, disease and warring rebel factions active in their range.

Technical specification: Nikon D7000 + 70-200mm f2.8 lens; 1/160 sec at f5 (-0.3 e/v); ISO 1600

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