The charge, Eric Pierre, France, 2011

Eric Pierre/Unforgettable Behavior
October 28, 2021
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Herd of muskoxen in the snow
Eric Pierre/Unforgettable Behavior

The charge
Eric Pierre, France

Pierre had been tracking wolves when his guide spotted a herd of muskoxen. Approaching, he could see that the herd was nervous, probably because wolves were also on their trail, so he stopped about half-a-mile (0.8 kilometers) away upwind. Suddenly, the herd, oblivious to their presence, was now running towards them. “I’ve seen muskoxen run away,” Pierre said. “I’ve seen them react to a threat by forming a circle, and I’ve even seen a male charge. But I’ve never seen a herd spread out into a charging line like this. I could hear the thundering of their hooves. It was one of those situations where it really mattered that I made the right choice between technical accuracy, aesthetics and security.”

Technical specification: Nikon D700 + 500mm f4 lens; 1/2000 sec at f8; ISO 400; Gitzo carbon fibre tripod + EKI head

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