Respect, Igor Shpilenok, Russia, 2009

Igor Shpilenok/Unforgettable Behavior
October 28, 2021
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Fox runs away from a housecat
Igor Shpilenok/Unforgettable Behavior

Igor Shpilenok, Russia

In the winter of 2007–2008, Igor spent five months as a ranger in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve in the Russian Far East, taking his cat, Ryska, with him for company. She immediately staked out her territory and set to work showing the local foxes who was boss. Each day, the foxes came looking for food, even peering through the window of Shpilenok’s cabin. Ryska was having none of it. With her impressive weaponry of sharp claws and teeth, “she soon earned respect from them—and from me, living up to her name, which means little lynx in Russian,” Shpilenok said.

Technical specification: Nikon D3 + 300mm lens; 1/500 sec at f4.5; ISO 640

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