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Jacquard looms survive not only at NMAH, but at several other museums. These include a model of Jacquard’s design at the Conservatoire des Artes et Métiers in Paris (see Modèle : Métier original de Jacquard | Musée des arts et métiers (arts-et-metiers.net)), as well as examples at the Science Museum in London (search Science Museum Group Collection for “Jacquard loom”), the National Museums of Scotland (see Jacquard loom (nms.ac.uk)) and at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, England (see The story of the Jacquard loom | Science and Industry Museum). A nineteenth century example is on display at the Lang Pioneer Village Museum in Keene, Ontario in Canada (see S. W. Lowry Weaver's Shop & Jacquard Loom Interpretive Centre - Lang Pioneer Village Lang Pioneer Village). An example built for display at Greenfield Village in 1934 is on the collections of The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan. The Computer Museum of America in Roswell, Georgia, recently acquired one (the information in this paragraph is based on websites searched April 8, 2021).

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