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Season 9
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A graphic made up of words depicting a woman leaning over a microscope.

Women have long fueled America's greatest scientific achievements. But when you go searching for information about these women scientists, you'll likely come up short. Only 19% of articles on Wikipedia are about women. In the field of science, this difference is even more pronounced. But now, a team at the Smithsonian is using artificial intelligence and good old fashioned research skills to scour the archives for lost women of science and publish their stories…before it’s too late.



  • Liz Harmon, digital curator, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives 
  • Kelly Doyle, open knowledge coordinator, Smithsonian American Women's History Museum 
  • Rebecca Dikow, research data scientist, Smithsonian Data Science Lab
  • Tiana Curry, former intern, Smithsonian Data Science Lab 

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