SI Civil: Policies and Procedures

Office of Human Resources

The SI Civil Program covers two policies (Smithsonian Directives) and associated handbook, which outlines reporting procedures.

Anti-Harassment Policy, Smithsonian Directive 225
The Smithsonian established this Anti-Harassment Policy to ensure immediate and appropriate corrective action is taken to eliminate harassing conduct (as defined in the policy), regardless of whether the conduct is unlawful. This policy defines unacceptable conduct that violates this policy; outlines the rights and responsibilities of Smithsonian employees, affiliated persons, supervisors, and other management officials; and establishes reporting procedures and accountability measures. 

Workplace Violence Prevention Policy, Smithsonian Directive 217
The Smithsonian is committed to providing a safe work environment and established this Workplace Violence Prevention Policy to provide guidance for preventing and appropriately addressing threatening or intimidating behavior, potentially violent situations, or incidents of workplace violence. 

SI Civil Handbook​​
This handbook provides further guidance and Smithsonian Institution-wide procedural requirements under which Smithsonian employees and affiliated persons should report and respond to allegations of harassment, threats, intimidating behavior, or potentially violent situations.