Projects Featured in "Nature-Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial" Co-organized with Cube Design Museum 

February 1, 2019
Media Fact Sheet

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  • Kim Albrecht and Barabási Lab, Northeastern University (Germany and United States) | VISUALIZING THE COSMIC WEB, 2016
  • Stella Mutegi and Kabage Karanja, Cave (Kenya) | ANTHROPOCENE MUSEUM, 201719
  • Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa, Ensamble Studio (Spain and United States) | PETRIFIED RIVER, 2019
  • Tracy Fullerton, Game Innovation Lab, University of Southern California (United States) | WALDEN, A GAME, 2017
  • Aliki van der Kruijs (The Netherlands) | MADE BY RAIN, 2012ONGOING
  • Giorgia Lupi, Accurat and Kaki King (Italy and United States) | BRUISES: THE DATA WE DON’T SEE, 2018
  • Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler, Mischer’Traxler Studio (Austria) | CURIOSITY CLOUD, 201519
  • Eric Rodenbeck, Stamen Design for Banfield Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley (United States) | METAGENOMIC DATA VISUALIZATION, 2016
  • Thomas Thwaites (United Kingdom) | GOATMAN, 201416
  • Charles Reilly, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University (United States) | CHOREOGRAPHY OF LIFE, 2018
  • James C. Weaver, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University (United States) | ELECTRON MICROGRAPHS, 2019


  • Bastian Schafer, Airbus, David Benjamin, The Living, Autodesk and AP Works (The Netherlands, United States, and Germany) | BIONIC PARTITION, 2016ONGOING
  • Adam E. Jakus and Ramille Shah, Dimension Inx LLC and Adam Jakus Technology as Art (United States) | 3D-PAINTED HYPERELASTIC BONE, 2015ONGOING
  • Festo AG & Co. KG (Germany) | BIONICANT, 2018
  • Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Sissel Tolaas, and Christina Agapakis, Ginkgo Bioworks (United Kingdom, Norway, and United States) | RESURRECTING THE SUBLIME, 201819
  • Alexandra Kehayoglou (Argentina) | SANTA CRUZ RIVER, 2017
  • Mathieu Lehanneur (France) | CIRCULAR LOW TABLE XXL, OCEAN MEMORIES, 2017
  • Jifei Ou and Hiroshi Ishii, Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States) | CILLLIA, 201719
  • Mostapha El Oulhani, Michelin (France) | VISIONARY CONCEPT TIRE, 201619
  • Modern Meadow (United States) | ZOA BIOFABRICATED WALL PANELS, 2019
  • Gabriel Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil, threeASFOUR and Travis Fitch (United States) | OSCILLATION DRESS, QUANTUM VIBRATION COLLECTION, 2017 and VORONOI DRESS, BIOMIMICRY COLLECTION, 2016
  • David Mooney, Ben Freedman, and Jianyu Li, Mooney Lab for Cell and Tissue Engineering, John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University (United States) | SEA SLUG BANDAGES, 2017ONGOING


  • Adidas and Parley (Germany and United States) | ULTRABOOST SHOE, 2016ONGOING
  • Studio Klarenbeek & Dros with Atelier Luma (The Netherlands and France) | ALGAE LAB, 2018
  • Nadine Sterk and Lonny van Ryswyck, Atelier NL (The Netherlands) | A WORLD OF SAND, 2010ONGOING
  • Anirudh Sharma, Graviky Labs (India) | AIR-INK, 2013ONGOING
  • Shahar Livne (The Netherlands) | METAMORPHISM, 2017ONGOING
  • Julia Lohmann, Violaine Buet, and Jon Lister (Finland, France, and New Zealand) | DEPARTMENT OF SEAWEED: LIVING ARCHIVE, 2018ONGOING
  • Kirstie Van Noort (The Netherlands) | LATITUDE FOR UNIQUENESS SERIES, 2014ONGOING
  • Nienke Hoogvliet, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet (The Netherlands) | SEA ME, 2017ONGOING


  • Ginger Krieg Dosier, bioMASON (United States) | BIOCEMENT BRICKS, 2017ONGOING
  • Amy Congdon (United States) | TISSUE ENGINEERED TEXTILES, 2015–ONGOING
  • Natsai Audrey Chieza, Faber Futures (United Kingdom) | PROJECT COELICOLOR: TERROIR 001 and ASSEMBLAGE 002, 2019
  • Alex Goad, Reef Design Lab (Australia) | ECO-ENGINEERED HEXAGONAL SEAWALL TILES, 2017ONGOING
  • Caleb Harper and Hildreth England, Open Agriculture Initiative (OpenAg), MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States) | PERSONAL FOOD COMPUTER, 2018ONGOING
  • Erez Nevi Pana (Austria) | BLEACHED (II), 2018
  • Arturo Vittori, Architecture and Vision and Warka Water Inc. (Italy and United States) | WARKA WATER TOWER, 2013ONGOING
  • Xu Tiantian, DnA_Design and Architecture (China) | BAMBOO THEATRE, 2015ONGOING


  • Sam Van Aken (United States) | TREE OF 40 FRUIT, 2008ONGOING
  • Sputniko! (Hiromi Ozaki) and Masaya Kushino, Another Farm (Japan) | TRANCEFLORA, 201519
  • Guillermo Parada, Tamara Pérez, Sebastián Rozas and Victor Imperiale, gt2P (great things to People) (Chile) | REMOLTEN N°1: REVOLUTION SERIES, 2017 and WALL-MOUNTED LIGHTS FROM THE SERIES LESS CPP N°2: WALL MURAL 15C, 2018
  • Josiah Zayner, The Open Dictionary Institute (The ODIN) (United States) | DIY BACTERIAL GENE ENGINEERING CRISPR KIT, 2015ONGOING
  • Neri Oxman and The Mediated Matter Group, MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States) | AGUAHOJA, 201719
  • Living Materials Silklab, Tufts University Biomedical Engineering (United States) | CATALOGUE OF 10 SILK-PROTEIN DERIVED DEVICES AT THE INTERFACE BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES, 2019
  • Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, The Tissue Culture and Art Project (Australia) | BIOMESS, 2019
  • Chuck Hoberman, Richard Novak, Elizabeth Calamari, Sauveur Jeanty, and Donald Ingber, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University (United States) | ORIGAMI MEMBRANE FOR 3D ORGAN ENGINEERING, 2018ONGOING


  • Jae Rhim Lee, Coeio (United States) | INFINITY BURIAL SUIT, 2016ONGOING
  • Ulrika K. Stigsdotter, University of Copenhagen (Denmark) | NACADIA THERAPY FOREST GARDEN, 2011ONGOING
  • Harvard Biodesign Lab (United States) | SOFT ROBOTIC GRIP GLOVE, 2015ONGOING
  • Nienke Hoogvliet, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet (The Netherlands) | MOURN, 2017ONGOING
  • Fernando Laposse (Mexico and United Kingdom) | TOTOMOXLE, 2017ONGOING
  • Sheng-Hung Lee (Taiwan) | TETRAPOT 2.0 – THE EVOLUTION OF GREENER SEA DEFENSE, 201518
  • Max Liboiron, CLEAR (Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research) (Canada) | BABYLEGS, 201719
  • Charlotte McCurdy (United States) | AFTER ANCIENT SUNLIGHT, 2018
  • Mitchell Joachim and Vivian Kuan, Terreform ONE (United States) | MONARCH SANCTUARY, 2018ONGOING


  • Marcos, Cruz, Richard Beckett and Javier Ruiz (United Kingdom) | BIORECEPTIVE CONCRETE PANELS, LONDON, UK, 201719
  • Teresa Van Dongen (The Netherlands) | ELECTRIC LIFE, 2018
  • Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (United Kingdom) | THE SUBSTITUTE, 2019
  • Jorge Gamboa (Mexico) | PLASTICEBERG, 2018
  • Michael Strano, MIT Chemical Engineering and Sheila Kennedy, MIT Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and KVA Studio (United States) |  NANOBIONIC PLANT PROJECT: AMBIENT ILLUMINATION, 2016ONGOING
  • Hiroshi Sambuichi (Japan) | THE WATER AT CISTERNERNE OF FREDERIKSBERG, 2017
  • VTN (Vo Trong Nghia) Architects (Vietnam) | FPT UNIVERSITY HO CHI MINH CITY, 2016ONGOING



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