National Museum of African American History and Culture: Construction—Cool Facts

February 1, 2016
Media Fact Sheet
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Construction site of National Museum of African American History and Culture
  • 665,000 square feet—Area of the building. The museum features 105,000 square feet of exhibition space, which is two times the area of the White House.
  • 70,000 square feet—Area of cast-aluminum panels used for the Corona
  • 230 tons—Weight of cast-aluminum panels used for the Corona
  • 3,600—Number of panels used for the Corona
  • 72,000 cubic yards—Volume of concrete. This is enough concrete to fill the Reflecting Pool two times.
  • LEED Gold—Certification anticipated at the completion of the museum
  • 350,000 cubic yards—Volume of dirt excavated and hauled from the site
  • 35,000—Total number of trucks used to haul dirt from job site and enough trucks to go around the National Mall 35 times
  • 3,800 tons—Weight of structural steel
  • 8,000 tons—Weight of black rebar
  • 85 feet—Height of Corona structure. This is more than two times the depth of the Washington Monument’s foundation.
  • 100 feet (five stories)—Portion of museum above grade. This is the height of the Lincoln Memorial.
  • 70 feet (five stories)—Portion of museum below grade. This is the same height of the White House’s south façade.
  • 2.5 tons—Max capacity of the service elevator. This elevator is capable of moving 2.5 Jefferson Memorial statues.
  • 24 miles—Linear feet of HVAC piping. This is equivalent to the distance from the museum to Herndon, Va.
  • 400 tons—Weight of ductwork to be installed. This is equivalent to 173 Jeep Grand Cherokees.

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