The James Smithson Medal

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January 18, 2018
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James Smithson Medal

The James Smithson Medal, the Smithsonian Institution's most prestigious and highest award, was established in 1965 in honor of its founder, James Smithson. It is given in recognition of exceptional contributions to art, science, history, education and technology. Reserved for the most outstanding achievements, this medal has been presented only nine times in the last 31 years. The list of Smithson Medal recipients is as follows:


2015 - G. Wayne Clough
1999 - I. Michael Heyman
1994 - Robert McC. Adams
1991 - Julie Johnson Kidd
1986 - Chief Justice Warren E. Burger
1979 - His Holiness, Pope John Paul II

1976 - Nancy Hanks
1976 - Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II
1968 - Edgar P. Richardson
1965 - Lord Howard W. Florey