Sculpture Garden

October 4, 1974 – Indefinitely
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Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Independence Ave. at 7th St., SW
Washington, DC

Sunken Sculpture Garden north of the museum and surrounding plaza

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With more than 60 works of art displayed year-round, the Hirshhorn Museum’s Sculpture Garden offers visitors a contemplative haven in the heart of our nation’s capital. Comprising nearly a fourth of Joseph Hirshhorn’s initial gift, sculptures were and remain a critical aspect of the Museum’s identity, and the Garden, which opened with the Museum in 1974, provides the perfect setting for a collection of modern sculpture that, at the time, was said to be “without parallel in the world.” In addition to the outdoor galleries that make up the Garden, the Plaza surrounding the Museum building affords ample space to exhibit more recent acquisitions. Together, the two sites form a landscaped venue for some of the Museum’s most cherished works.