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A group of smiling young adults hold painted planters. The U.S. Capitol is clear in the background.

For young people embarking on careers that align their passions with purpose, the Smithsonian is an invaluable source of knowledge, inspiration, and training for the future.  

Smithsonian internships can be a transformative experience. They are a gateway to a network of unparalleled experts across disciplines, ranging from contemporary art to wetlands conservation. They are a training ground for the next generation of American leaders, who will bring the values of rigorous inquiry and public service to all they do.  

Smithsonian internships offer a unique opportunity to learn in museums, cultural centers, and at many of our scientific research sites across the country and in Panama. The intern experience encourages young people to consider career paths they may have thought unreachable.  

Smithsonian interns will:  

  • Benefit from mentorship by world-class experts in science, art, history, and culture.  
  • Gain access to a robust network of interns, fellows, and staff leaders who can help shape and influence career pathways throughout a lifetime.  
  • Hear from luminaries, dignitaries, and people of influence sharing their strategies for success.  
  • Exchange ideas and viewpoints with partner organizations, including corporate supporters and leading non-profit organizations.  
  • Explore topics across disciplines or go in-depth within a focused field of study. 

Your gift to support Smithsonian internships will help us ensure equity and equal opportunity for all young people interested in careers in science, art, history, and culture, regardless of socioeconomic status.  

  • A Smithsonian internship can change the course of a student’s career path.  
  • A gift of $12,000 will provide a weekly stipend, housing, transportation, and mentorship support for one intern participating in an 8-week internship.  
  • A gift of $50,000 or more will fund a cohort of four or more interns for an 8-week internship.  
  • A gift of $335,000 or more will endow a named internship, ensuring the internship’s continuation in perpetuity.  

Donors may select a museum, research center, or focus area for the internship, or apply other criteria including geographic location, field of study, or background. Internships can also be funded for a multi-year period.  

Join us to support paid internships across the Smithsonian, opening promising career pathways and building confidence in the nation’s next generation of leaders, explorers, and thinkers.  

For more information, contact: Mark Mills, Office of the Under Secretary for Education or 202.633.7122