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Job Opportunities

TitleWho May ApplyLocationClosing DateNumberSeries Grade
Veterinary Medical Officer All Washington,DC03/29/1919DH-JC-304365-DEU-NZPGS-0701-13
Museum Program Specialist All Washington,DC03/27/1919R-MP-304624-TRF-NPMIS-1001-07/09
Paralegal Specialist All Washington,DC04/03/1919R-CR-304616A-TRF-OGCIS-0950-11
Museum Specialist All Suitland,MD03/29/1919R-JW-304405-TRF-NASMIS-1016-09
Construction Representative (COTR) All Washington,DC04/05/1919R-DT-304335-DEU-SFGS-0809-11
Paralegal Specialist All Washington,DC04/08/1919R-CR-304610-DEU-OGCGS-0950-11
Paralegal Specialist All Washington,DC04/02/1919R-CR-304615A-DEU-OGCGS-0950-11
Archivist All New York,NY04/05/1919R-JW-304578-DEU-AAAGS-1420-09
Administrative Program Specialist (Personnel) All Washington,DC04/03/1919R-CR-304687-DEU-SFGS-0301-09/12
Management Support Specialist All Washington ,DC04/09/1919R-JW-304688-DEU-NMNHGS-0301-09
Museum Technician (Natural Science) All Washington,DC04/08/1919R-JW-304652-DEU-NMNHGS-1016-05
Lead Financial Analyst Org Only Washington,DC03/29/1919R-JW-304502-TRF-OSPIS-0501-12
Advancement Specialist SI Only Washington,DC04/09/1919R-JC-304682-MPA-NMAIGS-1001-09
Construction Representative (COTR) Status Only Washington,DC04/05/1919R-DT-304335-MPA-SFGS-0809-11
Management Support Specialist Status Only Washington ,DC04/09/1919R-JW-304688-MPA-NMNHGS-0301-09
Archivist Status Only New York,NY04/05/1919R-JW-304578-MPAAAAGS-1420-09
Administrative Program Specialist (Personnel) Status Only Washington,DC04/02/1919R-CR-304687-MPA-SFGS-0301-09/12
Paralegal Specialist Status Only Washington,DC04/02/1919R-CR-304615A-MPA-OGCGS-0950-11
Paralegal Specialist Status Only Washington,DC04/08/1919R-CR-304610-MPA-OGCGS-0950-11
Museum Technician (Natural Science) Status Only Washington,DC04/08/1919R-JW-304652-MPA-NMNHGS-1016-05

Smithsonian Enterprise Job Opportunities

TitleWho May ApplyLocationClosing DateNumberSeries Grade
Project Manager, Retail AllWashington DC04/01/19SE-19-0115Pay Band M
Retail Floor Supervisor AllWashington DC04/03/19SE-19-0116Pay Band D
Visual Presentation Specialist AllWashington DC04/03/19SE-19-0117Pay Band F

Smithsonian Executive Job Opportunities

We are sorry, there are no new vacancies open at this time. Please check back later.

Smithsonian Secretary's Scholars Opportunities

 Title  Who May Apply  Location  Closing Date  Number  Series Grade
 Museum Curator  All  Washington,DC  03/29/19    IS-1015-11

Office of Advancement Job Opportunities

 Title  Who May Apply  Location  Closing Date  Number  Series Grade
 Click here to see Office of Advancement open positions

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Job Opportunities

 Title  Who May Apply  Location  Closing Date  Number  Series Grade
 Click here to see Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory open positions

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Job Opportunities

 Title  Who May Apply  Location  Closing Date  Number  Series Grade
 Click here to see Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute open positions
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