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Interview with Mona Jimenez

Interview with
Mona Jimenez
Crystal Sanchez and James Smith
March 26, 2013
Interview Category
Conservator Interview

Conservator Mona Jimenez

"The process of developing standards, guidelines, and best practices is not something that gets done and then forever remains the law of the land. It’s continually revised as technologies change, as costs of storage come down, and as all sort of factors evolve. We never get to a place where everything is set."

Mona Jimenez is a living legend in the field of video preservation, and was Associate Director and Associate Arts Professor at the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program at New York University (NYU-MIAP) from 2003-2017. She is a co-author of The Emergence of Video Processing Tools: Television Becoming Unglued (Intellect Books, 2013), and teaches media conservation at the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola in Spain.

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