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Read interviews with time-based media & digital art makers, conservators, and other professionals.

The following interviews were conducted during acquisition, conservation, and exhibition of time-based media & digital artworks.

Many of the interviews stem from a 2013-2014 Independent Research and Development Seed Grant, which resulted in the Report on the Status and Need for Technical Standards in the care of Time-Based Media and Digital Art, and The Smithsonian Interview Project: Questions on Technical Standards in the Care of Time-Based and Digital Art, Ten Insights from Artists and Experts in the Field, July 2014.

Based on formal interviews with thought leaders in the field of time-based and digital media art preservation, the report will focus on the potential need for technical standards for the preservation of time-based media art as opposed to those developed with archival collections in mind, and the relationship of that perceived need to best current and future practices in the preservation of time-based media art.

Participants interviewed were asked guided questions developed by the Working Group. Transcripts are posted here. Participants are listed with their titles at the time of the interview.

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