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Time-based Media & Digital Art at SI

About time-based media & digital art at the Smithsonian Institution:

Since 2010, the Smithsonian's Time-based Media & Digital Art Working Group has brought together staff responsible for the care and exhibition of time-based media in order to collaborate, share information, and build knowledge within the Institution and the broader time-based media art field.

To read an account of the founding era of the TBMA Working Group by emeritus member Anne Collins Goodyear, click here.

To see a list of the TBMA Working Group's current and emeritus members, click here.

Supported by the Smithsonian’s National Collections Program with Collections Care Initiative funding, this website is a redesigned version of the Working Group's original HMTL site. This site was built in 2020 by members of the Working Group, its chairperson Dan Finn, DAMS Team members Isabel Meyer and Crystal Sanchez, and consultant Walter Forsberg, using a Drupal 8 module developed by the Smithsonian Office of the Chief Information Officer's Web Services Team.


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