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Interview with Mark Hellar

Interview with
Mark Hellar
Crystal Sanchez and James Smith
June 14, 2013
Interview Category
Conservator Interview

Conservator Mark Hellar speaking at a podium

"When we talk about web-based works, there is a lot of variability, but we do have some points of agreement, like that they are always on."

Mark Hellar is a consultant on technology initiatives at a number of cultural institutions throughout the Bay Area and beyond, and the owner of Hellar Studios LLC. Before opening his own studio in 2009, Mark has worked as a systems architect at the Tides Foundation, academic technology manager at the San Francisco Art Institute, and as a digital-media specialist at the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC). Current projects include working on new media conservation initiatives at SFMoMA and as a technology consultant to BAVC. For more information, visit:


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