Wrinkled Radicals

Season 10
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Illustration of a gray-haired woman giving a speech at a lectern to a large audience with a red and yellow background.

When Maggie Kuhn was forced to retire from the job she loved at age 65, her colleagues gave her a sewing machine as a parting gift. Outraged, she shut the sewing machine in a closet and, instead, stitched together the first-ever movement against ageism in the U.S. The Gray Panthers would galvanize gray haired citizenry and youth alike to challenge the way Americans think about aging.



  • Katherine Ott, curator and historian in the Division of Medicine and Science at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History
  • Emily Krichbaum, founding director for the Center for Girls' and Young Women's Leadership at Columbus School for Girls and scholar of women’s history
  • Paul Nathanson, founder and former executive director of Justice in Aging (formerly the National Senior Citizens Law Center), a national advocacy group for the elderly poor
  • Jack Kupferman, president of Gray Panthers NYC

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