The Hungerford Deed 

Season 7
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man holding papers looking at the Smithsonian Castle at night

When a 200-year-old legal document anonymously arrived at his office, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives conservator William Bennett assumed it would be full of boring legal jargon. Instead, he found a juicy tale of family betrayal that would forever change what we thought we knew about the founding of the Smithsonian. 



  • William Bennett, conservator at the Smithsonian Institution Libraries and Archives
    Social: @rwilliab (Instagram), @SirWilliamB (Twitter)
  • Heather Ewing, author of The Lost World of James Smithson, and Associate Dean at New York Studio School
    Social: @HPealeEwing
  • Richard Kurin, Smithsonian Distinguished Scholar and Ambassador-at-Large

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