Smithsonian Science Education Center Pledges Support for Teach to Lead

February 5, 2016
News Release

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The Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC) has pledged its support for Teach to Lead, a joint partnership between the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, ASCD and the U.S. Department of Education. Teach to Lead works to advance student outcomes by expanding opportunities for teacher leadership. The initiative seeks to provide resources, facilitate stakeholder consultation and encourage professional collaboration to develop and amplify the work of teacher leaders. More than 100 supporter organizations contribute to this important work.

For more than 30 years, SSEC has empowered teachers to lead from their classrooms and in their communities through professional and leadership development opportunities. These opportunities move teachers along a continuum from novice to expert in teaching science through inquiry. Participants at SSEC workshops build on their experiences in the classroom to enrich their teaching skills and content knowledge and ultimately become Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) leaders in their communities. Given this longstanding work to advance teacher leadership, the SSEC recently pledged its support for the Teach to Lead initiative.

To read more about the training and services offered by SSEC, visit its website. Learn more about the Teach to Lead initiative here.

About the Smithsonian Science Education Center

The mission of the Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC), formerly the National Science Resources Center, is to transform and improve the learning and teaching of science for K–12 students. The SSEC is nationally and internationally recognized for the quality of its programs and its impact on K–12 science education.

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