Installation Ceremony for Lonnie G. Bunch III

Lonnie Bunch at NMAAHC.

“We will be the place Americans look to understand themselves, their history, and their world. We must be the glue that helps to hold the country together.” — ⁦‪Secretary Lonnie G. Bunch III on the future of the Smithsonian. 

Lonnie G. Bunch III was installed as the Fourteenth Secretary of the Smithsonian
on November 1, 2019 in the historic Arts and Industries Building.

3 secretaries in suits.

Secretaries of the Smithsonian

Secretary Bunch is the first African American and the first historian to hold the Smithsonian’s highest office. Read about the fourteen individuals who have led the Institution since 1846.

Chief Justice John Roberts presents Secretary Lonnie Bunch with the ceremonial key to the Smithsonian Castle.

Welcoming the Secretaries

During the ceremony, the Secretary is presented with a ceremonial brass key that once opened one of the massive oak doors of the Smithsonian Castle. To celebrate the installation of our new Secretary, a look at installations past.