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Fact Sheet

Egyptian Pyramids

Information and reading list on Egyptian pyramid history and construction.

Guarneri Family of Violin Makers
How do I store antique textiles at home?
Instrument Maker Gaspard Duiffopruggar
Instrument Maker Giovanni Paolo Maggini
Instrument Makers of the Stainer Family
Stradivarius Violins
Violin Maker Gasparo da Salo
Violin Makers Named Gagliano
Violin Makers Named Glass
Violin Makers Named Hopf
Violin Makers Named Vuillaume
Violin Makers of the Amati Family
Violin Makers of the Bergonzi Family
Violin Makers of the Klotz Family
Violin Makers of the Ruggieri Family

Online Exhibition

A Collector's Vision of Puerto Rico

Carnival masks and costumes, musical instruments, colonial art, and jewelry from Teodoro Vidal's collection explore Puerto Rican history and culture during the past 500 years.

A Concrete Vision: Oshogbo Art in the 1960s

View works by 11 Nigerian artists of the Oshogbo Movement, center of a major artistic renaissance.

A Personal Journey: Central African Art from the Collection of Lawrence Gussman

View an exhibition from the Lawrence Gussman collection including 75 objects representing 30 African cultures.

African Cosmos: Stellar Arts

See some 90 African art objects that were inspired by astronomical observations and phenomena, including rainbows and eclipses.

Results: 199 items
Items Per Page: