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Motion Picture Film Format Resources

embARC DPX File Embedded Metadata Tool

embARC is an open source tool for embedding metadata in DPX motion picture film frame digital scan files.

Kodak Film Calculator

Easily determine speed, frames, feet, and time with Kodak's indispensable Film Calculator.

Du Pont Motion Picture Film Edge Information Chart

Archivist Erik Piil's Du Pont film edge code chart for identifying Du Pont film years of manufacture and other characteristics.

Free Film Codes

Archivist John Klacsmann's new and improved Kodak film edge code date index, consolidating information from Kodak's Publication No. TI-2660, Jeff Joseph's SabuCat chart, and information from the East Anglia film archive.

Home Film Preservation Guide

The Association of Moving Image Archivists Home Film Preservation Guide website, providing simple guidelines for preserving motion picture film materials outside of specialized archives, with a focus on storage at home.

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