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Encyclopedia Smithsonian

CATEGORY: Kids Favorites

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Activities & Games

A Puerto Rican Carnival A Puerto Rican Carnival

Experience a Puerto Rican carnival and design your own mask!

Airplane Anatomy Airplane Anatomy

Activities focused on the Wright brothers and the first airplane.

America on the Move Games America on the Move Games

Match vehicles and destinations. Drive through time. Become a director by selecting vehicles for a new movie.

Arctic Wildlife Portfolio Arctic Wildlife Portfolio

Learn about the animals of the Arctic on this kid friendly website!

Artful Abe Artful Abe

Artful Abe is an online scavenger hunt that takes you from outdoor sculptures of Abraham Lincoln around America to discover related artworks in the collection of the American Art Museum.

Artificial Anatomy Game Artificial Anatomy Game

Play an anatomy matching game.

Bottlecaps to Brushes Bottlecaps to Brushes

Follow Cappy the giraffe on an adventure through American art.

Buffalo Hide Painting Buffalo Hide Painting

Discover buffalo hide art and create your own painting!

BugInfo Science Fair Projects

Suggestions for science fair projects.

Build a Sod House Build a Sod House

Imagine you're a settler on the open prairie, and you need to build a house.

Choose Ur Style Choose Ur Style

Play dress up with traditional or modern African styles.

Cloud Dreamer Cloud Dreamer

Create your own design for a cloud and send it up to the sky.

Digging for Answers Digging for Answers

Are you a brainiac on the subject of the human brain? An authority on American authors? An ace on astronomy? A whiz on The Wizard of Oz? If not, don’t worry. The game Digging for Answers tests your research skills as well as your expertise.

Giant Panda Quiz and Crossword Giant Panda Quiz and Crossword

Test your knowledge about Giant Pandas!

Just for Kids Just for Kids

Solve jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles, take a virtual world tour, send an e-card, learn about animals and their names—National Zoo website.

Kids Collecting Kids Collecting

Explore the riches of the Smithsonian’s collections, learn how to start your own collection, and see what kinds of things other kids collect.

Make a Light bulb Make a Light bulb

Build your own light bulb.

MEanderthal MEanderthal

Do you look like your relatives? Your prehistoric relatives? Try  morphing yourself backward in time with MEanderthal. You might be  surprised when you see your face transformed into the face of an early  human with the Smithsonian Institution's first-ever mobile app.

Meet Me at Midnight Meet Me at Midnight

Take a vivid journey through the American Art Museum’s collection in this interactive adventure.

Migratory Bird Center Games and Activities Migratory Bird Center Games and Activities

Migration Game - Learn about bird migration while playing a game.
Name that Nest - See if you can identify a variety of bird nests.
Online Coloring Book - Color birds online and learn about feathered travelers.

Results: 134 items
Items Per Page: