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Policies and Reports

General Information

Requests to Congress

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Please direct questions or comments to Kenneth Johnson, email:

Tax Returns

For the Smithsonian Tax Filings, click here.

Financial Statements, with Independent Auditor's Report

FY 2015 PDF |FY 2014 PDF | FY 2013 PDF | FY 2012 PDF | FY 2011 PDF | FY 2010 PDF | FY 2009 PDF | FY 2008 PDF | FY 2007 PDF


Strategic Plan

Inspiring Generations Through Knowledge and Discovery
Fiscal Years 2010–2015

Supporting Strategic Plans
Smithsonian Directives


Annual Performance Plan: Fiscal Year 2016

Short-term goals and performance objectives focus the Smithsonian's resources on priorities for major construction projects; securing the funding necessary to address maintenance and revitalization of building; opening new exhibitions and updating others that will have tremendous public impact; improving visitor services; and strengthening stewardship of the national collections.

PDF. Click here.

Management's Discussion and Analysis: Fiscal Year 2015

The Smithsonian Institution's management and financial controls systems provide reasonable assurance that the Institution's programs and resources are protected from fraud, waste, and misuse.

Click here.

Office of the Inspector General

The Office of the Inspector General is an independent, objective office within the Smithsonian Institution. The Inspector General reports directly to the Smithsonian Board of Regents and to Congress. Click here.

Office of Policy and Analysis: Finances and Administration
Smithsonian Enterprises (formerly Smithsonian Business Ventures) Task Force Report

The Task Force report was issued in January 2008 with recommendations for the revenue-generating activities of the Smithsonian Institution.
PDF, 64 pages. Click here.


U.S. Government Accountability Office Reports

GAO Reports »

Scorecard on Sustainability and Energy Performance

Current Scorecard PDF

Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act

The Smithsonian Institution is committed to the spirit of the Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act, and to ensuring that federal funds are used efficiently to carry out our work, whether by employees or contractors. The Office of Management and Budget has requested that we post on our Web site our annual reports to Congress in relation to the Act.

Here are some of the FAIR Act Reports: FY 2005 (PDF, 2 pages) FY 2004 (PDF, 1 page)