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National Museum of American History: America on the Move

The below pre-visit material are designed for the National Museum of American History, America on the Move Exhibit. The museum is located on the National Mall and Constitution Avenue between 12th and 14th Streets, Northwest. At the entrance, Museum security staff will perform a hand-check of all bags, and families will be asked to walk through a metal detector before proceeding to the exhibit area.

Should you have any questions or comments about the project or the procedures for the day, or to register for Morning at the Museum please contact the Smithsonian Accessibility Program at (202) 633-2921.

We hope you enjoy Morning at the Museum!

The following downloadable information was developed to prepare your family for your visit to the museum.

Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet »

The "Tip Sheet" includes directions on how to get to and enter the museum, including parking information, as well as tips on things to bring or be aware of to make your museum experience enjoyable for your family.

Sensory Map and Guide

Sensory Map and Sensory Guide »

The "Sensory Map" and "Sensory Guide" provides a selection of recommended routes through the exhibition based on your child's sensory sensitivity levels. The map provides information on the sensory outputs of various sections of the exhibition, enabling the families to prepare children for the various sensations that will occur in different parts of the exhibit. A parent may also select a particular route to emphasize or avoid certain sensory experiences based on individual sensory needs.

Social Stories

Social Stories »

The "Social Stories" explain what to expect in the museum in simple, easy to understand language. Refer to the index of Social Stories and pick the stories that are most appropriate for your child's functional level and needs. Introduce the stories to your child one week ahead of time, and if possible, present them regularly throughout the week in preparation for the museum visit. The stories will help to familiarize your child with the museum experience.

Visual Schedule

Visual Schedule »

The "Visual Schedule" includes pictures of objects that are in the exhibition to help prepare your child for what s/he might see during the museum visit.