Vaccines and US



Speaker 1:        Why did you get a COVID vaccine?

Noa:               To help the world. Everybody.

Speaker 1:        What happens if more people get vaccinated? How does that help keep people from getting sick?

Noa:               It tells these little cells in your body, which are called white blood cells, because when you get sick, they fight the kind of germ that is in your body.

Speaker 1:        And how does a vaccine help?

Noa:               It sometimes just sends off a message to your white blood cells telling them, "If you ever see this," so it's like a warmup for the real thing that they're doing, that they're going to do sometime, maybe.

Speaker 1:        Were you nervous about getting the shot?

Noa:               Yes, but once I did it, I got a lollipop and that's the good part.

Speaker 1:        What's your name?

Noa:               Noah.

Speaker 1:        How old are you?

Noa:               Five.

Noa, age 5.

Last update: May 11, 2022