Vaccines and US



Hi, I'm Adair ….

I'm eight years older and I live in Smithtown, New York. If you're afraid to get the COVID vaccine shot, don't be because it's just a little pinch.

I do ballet and this year I'm going to dance in The Nutcracker. And we can only do that if everyone's vaccinated because we can't really wear a mask because that would just be hard with all the costumes and a mask and then you're dancing. It would be like extra hot.

That was kind of a relief for me because if I didn't get vaccinated, I couldn't be in The Nutcracker and that's one of my favorite things, ballet. So that's kind of why, but I also got it because I didn't want COVID. I don't think anyone does, but yeah.

Adair, age 8.

Last update: May 11, 2022