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Video Technology

“Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings, IASA-TC 06, Part D: Planning, Setup, and Workflows for Video Digitisation” by International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives. 2018. Article.
Exhaustive technical outline and guide to planning, setting up equipment, and establishing workflows for a video digitization workstation.

“PAR, SAR, and DAR: Making Sense of Standard Definition (SD) Video Pixels” by Katherine Frances Nagels. 2016. Article.
Deep technical dive into pixel differences across standard definition video systems.

“Basic Inspection Techniques to Sample the Condition of Magnetic Tape” by Peter Brothers. 2016. Article.
Incorporating assessment procedures laid out in International Standards ISO 18933-2006 and AES49-2005, Brothers outlines a variety of common physical damage and degradation problems found in magnetic media collections.

“Common Signs of Problem 3/4" and Beta Videocassettes” by Peter Brothers. 2016. Article.
Format-specific problems for U-Matic and Betacam SP tapes are highlighted in this White Paper.

“The Low Acuity for Blue: Perceptual Technics and American Color Television” by Jonathan Sterne and Dylan Mulvin. 2014. Article.
Exploration of theories and history of technological compression, specifically how media systems “economize signals,” using the lens of color television beginning in the 1950s.

"AV Artifact Atlas" by Bay Area Video Coalition. 2013-Present. Web resource.
Authoritative and indispensable guide to analog and digital video errors and anomalies, complete with technical terminologies and streaming video examples. A must for all users!

"XFR STN: The New Museum's Stone Tape" by Walter Forsberg. 2013. Article.
Think-piece on artist-run mass digitization of videotapes and born-digital media, within the confines of an institution and public exhibition.

"Compendium of Image Errors in Analogue Video" by Johannes Gfeller, Agathe Jarczyk, and Joanna Phillips. 2013. Book.
Useful guide for identifying videotape formats, image errors and playback condition assessments, accompanied by generous color illustrations and a DVD.

“Digital Cinema Technologies from the Archive’s Perspective” by Arne Nowak. 2012. Article.
Consideration of long-term preservation impact of digital cinema formats, with a focus on the Digital Cinema Package (DCP) and its corollary file system structures.

"Baking, Mineral Oil, and Windex: A Look at the Sorry State of Pre-Digitization Conservation Treatment for Audiovisual Media" by George Blood and Cassandra Gallegos. 2012. Article.
Folksy first-hand chronicle of recorded sound disc-cleaning methods, and audiotape dessication techniques.

"Digital Video and HD: Algorithms and Interfaces" by Charles Poynton. 2003 and 2012. Book.
Authoritative technical explanation of digital video systems. The book's first edition contains extensive section on standard definition video that is excised in later editions.

"A Primer on Codecs for Moving Image and Sound Archives & 10 Recommendations for Codec Selection and Management" by Chris Lacinak/Audiovisual Preservation Solutions. 2010. Article.
An explanation of codecs and what to pay attention to when assessing a digital video codec for long term sustainability.

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