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Video Games

"Preserving Virtual Worlds: Final Report" by Jerome McDonough and Robert Olendorf, et al. 2010. Study.
A collaborative research venture of the Rochester Institute of Technology, Stanford University, the University of Maryland, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Linden Lab, conducted as part of Preserving Creative America, an initiative of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program at the Library of Congress. The primary goals of our project were to investigate issues surrounding the preservation of video games and interactive fiction and to develop basic standards for metadata and content representation of these digital artifacts for long-term archival storage.

"Racing the Beam: The Atari Video Computer System" by Nick Montfort and Ian Bogost. 2009. Book.
In-depth study of one of the most widely-adopted home video game systems from the perspective of a holistic “platform study.” Topics covered include: social and cultural contexts of the Atari system and video game culture in the 1970s and 80s; programming code and operating system architecture investigations for multiple Atari games; discussion of raster and vector graphics, including challenges for subsequent emulated iterations; historical milestones in video game development; and, the proposal of principles for further “platform studies” of other technologies.

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