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Interview with Gaby Wijers

Interview with
Gaby Wijers
Crystal Sanchez and James Smith
May 6, 2013
Interview Category
Conservator Interview

Conservator Gaby Wijers

"There is still some work to be done to find out parameters - maybe parameters is the best word. For video art I guess there is a gained knowledge and a lot of people are aware of what the procedures and standards could and should be, depending on the end results, of course. I don’t think there will ever be one standard to preserve video art. There will always be differences between video art and video in general."

Gaby Wijers is the Director of LIMA (Living Media Art Foundation), located in Amsterdam that preserves, distributes and researches media art. She was formerly head of conservation and collection at the NIMk, the Netherlands Media Art Institute, also known as Montevideo. For more information, visit:

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