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Interview with Christine Frohnert

Interview with
Christine Frohnert
Crystal Sanchez and Claire Eckert
March 11, 2013
Interview Category
Conservator Interview

Conservator Christine Frohnert

"I found it very helpful to have been a conservator by training, because of the code of ethics that is one of the supporting columns of our profession, as well as the critical thinking and methodologies that are relevant in conservation, help to structure the needs of time-based media conservation. I was fortunate to graduate from one of the few schools that provide this kind of education in modern materials and media conservation."

Christine Frohnert completed her training as painting and sculpture conservator in 1993, joined the Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany, and held the position of Chief Conservator from 2000 – 2005. She holds a graduate degree in the Conservation of Modern Materials and Media from the Conservation Program of the University of Arts, Berne, Switzerland (2003).  From 2002-2005, she was the deputy head of the modern art section of the German Conservators’ Association, VDR, and was a co-organizer of the symposium From Setback to Success on the conservation of modern and contemporary art, held at Museum Ludwig in 2004. She worked with Cranmer Art Conservation in New York City from 2005 until 2012. Ms. Frohnert was the chair (2008-2012) of the Electronic Media Group at the American Institute for Conservation and initiated the conference series ‘TechFocus’. In May 2012 Christine Frohnert and Reinhard Bek founded Bek & Frohnert LLC, Conservation of Contemporary Art, providing consulting and conservation services with a focus on technology-based art. Christine Frohnert was named the inaugural Judith Praska Distinguished Visiting Professor teaching a seminar course at The Institute, entitled Art with a Plug – The Conservation of Artworks containing Motion, Sound, Light, Moving Images and Interactivity, Fall 2012.  She is currently Time-based Media Art Conservation Curriculum Development Program Coordinator in the Time-based Media Art Conservation Curriculum Planning project team at The Institute of Fine Arts’ Conservation Center.

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