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Interview with Beryl Graham

Interview with
Beryl Graham
Crystal Sanchez and James Smith
May 31, 2013
Interview Category
Curator Interview

Curator Beryl Graham

"Many curators are obsessed with labels, and that becomes even more important with interactive art. I end up discussing the nature of the labels with the artists a lot, and well in advance. Sometimes museums have inflexible rules about what should go on a panel or a label, and that can be a problem when artists have their own specific views about labels."

Beryl Graham is Professor of New Media Art at the School of Arts, Design, and Media, University of Sunderland, and co-founder of CRUMB, the resource for curators of new media art. She is a writer, curator, and educator with many years of professional experience as a media arts organizer, including books for Heinemann and MIT Press, presentations at Banff Centre for the Arts and V&A, and the exhibition Serious Games for the Laing and Barbican art galleries.

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