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Authored by Smithsonian

"Web Content Accessibility for Digital Audiovisual Assets" (SI-Digitization Policy Office) by Walter Forsberg. 2020. Study.
Research, Current Practices Study, and White Paper on meeting Web Content Accessibility requirements for streaming media.

"Designing the Future: A Vision for Collecting Digital Design at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum" (SI-Cooper Hewitt) by Small Data Industries. 2018. Study.
Study and strategy document for collecting and preserving digital objects.

"Cooper Hewitt Guidelines for Image Description" (SI-Cooper Hewitt) by Sina Bahram/Prime Access Consulting. 2018. Study.
Guidelines document outlining best practices for digital inclusion and accessibility to online collections.

"Smithsonian Pan-Institutional Survey of Audiovisual Collections" (SI-National Collections Program) by Kelli Hix. 2016-2017. Study.
Collections study and item-level inventory project for the entirety of audiovisual collections held by 8 of 19 museum units.

"Stewarding the Invisible: Setting the Stage for Institution-Wide Digital Preservation at the Smithsonian" (SI-Office of the Chief Information Officer) by AVPreserve. 2016. Study.
Digital Preservation Working Group study of shortcomings and opportunities in current digital preservation practices at the Smithsonian.

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