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Approaches to Contemporary Art Conservation

"Between the Black Box and the White Cube: Expanded Cinema and Postwar Art" by Andrew Uroskie. 2014. Book.
Historical investigation of the origins and pathways of expanded cinema and experimental moving image practices as they intersect art world contexts and exhibition spaces.

"The Pablo Helguera Manual of Contemporary Art Style" by Pablo Helguera. 2007. Book.
Essential reading for all art world participants, with valuable outlines of various roles and responsibilities.

"Authenticity, Change and Loss in the Conservation of Time-Based Media Installations" by Pip Laurenson. 2006. Article.
Seminal reflection that outlines a quest to understand notions of loss and change in the conservation of time-based media works of art.

"The Management of Display Equipment in Time-based Media Installations" by Pip Laurenson. 2005. Article.
Early article investigating the vulnerabilities of display equipment in time-based media art works and implications for collections care.

"Guide to Good Practice: Artists' Interviews" by International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art. 2002. Study.
Result of multi-year international project aimed at documenting conservation knowledge about contemporary art.

"Toward Guidelines for Practice in the Preservation and Documentation of Technology-Based Installation Art" by William A. Real. 2001. Article.
Early articulation of time-based media and installation art conservation challenges, and summary of TechArchaeology conference staged by SFMoMA, BAVC, and the Getty.

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