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Acquisition, Loans, and Registration

"AV Preservation Glossary" by Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC). 1998-Present. Web resource.
Compendium of terms related to audiovisual media from a long-standing non-profit media art preservation and production center.

“From Bitstreams to Heritage: Putting Digital Forensics into Practice in Collecting Institutions” by Matthew Kirschenbaum, Christopher A. Lee, Kam Woods, and Alexandra Chassanoff. 2013. Article.
A deliverable from the first phase of the BitCurator project (2011-2013), this exhaustive document investigates the application of digital forensics to “LAM” (libraries, archives, and museums) collecting institutions.

"Glossary" by Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI). 2013. Web resource.
Compendium of terms related to electronic media from a long-standing media art distributor.

"Permanence Through Change: The Variable Media Approach" by Alain Depocas, John Ippolito, and Caitlin Jones (ed), 2012. Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology. Web resource.
Publication from one of the most essential early collaborative projects in the history of time-based media art conservation and exhibition.

"Gary Hill’s Suspension of Disbelief (for Marine): Documentation Strategies for Time-Based Media Art. Part II." by Jeff Martin. 2012. Article.
Chronicle of institutional acquisition of a sculptural video artwork by the Smithsonian Institution’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Martin outlines three broad forms of documentation employed during acquisition: descriptive, instructive, and predictive.

"Acquisition and Installation of Time-Based Art at the Hirshhorn Museum: Lending Electronic Media" by Sara Gordon. 2012. Article.
First-hand account of managing international traveling exhibition, The Cinema Effect: Illusion, Reality and the Moving Image, containing 20 time-based media (film, video, and computer-based) artworks. Specific topics addressed in detail include: preparing equipment and ensuring functionality; component tracking and checklists; packing and shipping time-based media artworks; and, documenting installation instructions. Diagrams and example documentation are provided. Concludes with a “Lessons Learned” section.

Taxonomies Of New Media Art - Real World Namings by Beryl Graham. 2005. Article.
Paper presented at the Museums and the Web annual conference.

"Variable Media Questionnaire" by Alain Depocas, Jon Ippolito, and Caitlin Jones (eds). 2003. Web resource.
Survey resource from one of the most essential early collaborative projects in the history of time-based media art conservation and exhibition.

"Appraising Moving Images: Accessing the Archival and Monetary Value of Film and Video Records" by Sam Kula. 2002. Book.
Among the few publications on the topic of assessing monetary and quantifying value for media collections, with in-depth historical accounts and explanations of appraisal theory across disciplines. An essential tome that sheds light on one of the most mysterious aspects of institutional collecting practices.

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