Smithsonian National Board

The Smithsonian National Board is a geographically and culturally diverse body of volunteer leaders that brings invaluable counsel to the Smithsonian and its many museums and research centers.

Established in 1970, the National Board is the Smithsonian’s only pan-Institutional advisory board. It fosters communication between the Institution and its members’ communities, advises the Secretary on issues of Institutional advancement, and promotes successful public-private partnerships.

The current members of the Smithsonian National Board are:

Dennis Keller

Dennis Keller


Michele J. Hooper

Michele J. Hooper

Vice Chair

Jorge G. Puente

Jorge G. Puente

Vice Chair

Fredericka Stevenson

Vice Chair

Vijay Anand

Kenneth Bacon

Lisa Bennett

Hal Brierley

John F. Brock, III

Roger W. Crandall

Edgar M. Cullman, Jr.

Donelle Dadigan

Wendy W. Dayton

Vin Di Bona

Trevor Fetter

Julie A. Flynn

Brenda Gaines

William J. Galloway

Rick Goings

Edward R. Hintz

Nancy Hogan

David G. Johnson

David W. Kemper

Todd Krasnow

Allan R. Landon

Dale LeFebvre

Cheryl Winter Lewy


David M. Love

Robert D. MacDonald

Kevin M. McGovern

Jo A. Michalski

Charles W. Moorman

Sarah E. Nash

Nancy Newkirk, Ex-officio

Emilie Munger Ogden

Anne MacMillan Pedrero

Sarah Perot

G. Jeffrey Records, Jr.

Kenneth C. Ricci

John C. Ryan

Philip K. Ryan

Debbie Leilani Shon

Diana Strandberg

Naoma Tate

John K. Tsui

Donna Frett Zarcone