Violins Violin Makers of the Ruggieri Family

Francesco Ruggieri (1620-c. 1695) was the first and greatest of a family of violin makers working at Cremona, Italy. A pupil of Nicolo Amati, he patterned his instruments, with some modifications, after those of that master. Every aspect of the craftsmanship of the instruments, which date from 1655 to 1718, is of the highest quality. The instruments are greatly admired both for their rich, full tone and for the beauty of their appearance. More of his cellos than violins or violas are known.

The name appears in various forms on the labels, e.g., Regeri, Ruger, Ruggeri, Ruggerius, Rugier.

Specimen labels:

Francesco Ruggieri detto
il Per, Cremona, 1673

Francesco Regeri
il per Cremona 1694

Other members of the family, respected but of lesser stature than the founder, are:

Giacinto Giovanni Battista, son of Francesco
active 1675-1730

Vincenzo, son of Francesco
active 1675-1730

Antonio, son of Giacinto
worked 1718-26

These makers are not to be confused with the Rogeri family, who worked at Brescia at about the same time.

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