Slide Rules Index by Makers & Retailers

Hundreds of companies around the world were involved in the production of slide rules from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Click on one of the names below to see the objects in this collection that were associated with that firm.

Acu-Rule Felsenthal Makeba
Adams, Bertram E. Fowler & Co. Multi Slide Instrument Corp.
Albree, G. Norman Fuller M. W. Kellogg Company
Alco Georgia Iron Works Negus, T. S. & J. D.
Alteneder & Sons, Theo. Gilson Neil A. Maclean Company
Aston, Thomas Graphic Calculator Co. Nestler
Bastian Brothers Grindsted Products Novotni
Bradburn & Son Guedon Ole Jorgensens Creative Workshop
Carbic Limited Gurley, W. & L. E. Ontario, Province of
Central Scientific Company Hawthorn, Robert Perrygraf
Charpentier Hemmi Pickett
Charvoz-Roos IBM Post
Commonwealth Plastics Corp. Impact Psychological Corporation
Computer Manufacturing Co. Jeppesen & Co. Remington Rand
Concise John Howard Herrick Co. Richardson, George
Controller Jones, Solomon A. Ricoh
Cooke, Laban Kegelman Brothers Scofield, E. M.
C-Thru Keuffel & Esser Scott, Walter T.
Daemen-Schmid, Heinrich Kingson Stanley Rule & Level Co.
Darling, Brown & Sharpe Knox, Inc. Stanley, W. F.
Datalizer K2 Publishing Corp. Sterling Plastics
Dennert & Pape Lawrence Engineering Service Tavernier-Gravet
Dietzgen, Eugene Lewis & Briggs Thomas, Frank J.
DIWA Lovelace Foundation Unique
ECOBRA   L. Lumley & Co. Whitehead & Hoag
EDMUND Scientific Co. Macbeth Daylighting Wichmann Brothers
Faber, A.W.  Patent Models