SI Civil: Report an Incident

Office of Human Resources


​Any Smithsonian employee or affiliated person may contact SI Civil for more information or to report an incident of harassment or workplace-violence* related behavior at any time. There are multiple ways to report incidents through the SI Civil reporting process. ​

If you have experienced an inappropriate or concerning incident in a work-related situation, you are encouraged to inform the person responsible for the conduct that it is unwelcome and offensive, and request that it cease. If the conduct continues or if the you are uncomfortable communicating with the responsible person about the conduct, you are encouraged to report the matter to SI Civil. Witnesses may also report directly to SI Civil.


Please note that reporting to SI Civil is not a completely confidential process. All reports received will be maintained on a confidential basis to the greatest extent possible. The identity of the reporting individual and any witnesses will be kept confidential, except: 1) as necessary to conduct an appropriate investigation into the alleged violations; 2) to take appropriate disciplinary or corrective action; 3) to comply with the reporting requirements of these policies, or; 4) when otherwise required by law. You may choose to report anonymously. However, there may not be enough details in the anonymous report for Smithsonian to conduct a thorough investigation, which is needed to take appropriate corrective action.

Other Support

You may also wish to speak to a completely confidential support resource, either before or after reporting to SI Civil. Visit the Support Resources page for more information.

How to Report

You can report an incident to SI Civil using one of the methods below.

Call the Hotline

Call the Voice It hotline 24 hours day, 7 days a week. You will be connected to a live operator who will take your report and submit directly to SI Civil. You may also submit reports through the hotline anonymously. 

​Hotline Numbers:
1-866-995-6445 (U.S.)
800-0329 (Panama)

También disponible en español.

Report Online

Voice It is a user-friendly method to report incidents of harassment or other concerning behaviors in the workplace. Visit the Voice It website to submit your report on a secure website. You may also submit reports anonymously.

También disponible en español.

Speak to SI Civil

You may also submit a report directly to SI Civil staff or contact us with any questions.

Please email to setup a time to speak with us either in person, over the phone, or Zoom/Teams:

Additionally, you may contact the SI Civil Branch Manager:
Amanda Jones


Additional Information

Management Response

Smithsonian supervisors and individuals in a supervisory-like position are considered "mandatory reporters" under SI Civil policies. When a Smithsonian management official, supervisor, mentor, advisor, or sponsor receives a report of conduct covered by SI Civil policies, witnesses an incident prohibited by SI Civil policies, or is informed about an incident or behavior prohibited by SI Civil policies, they must promptly take steps to respond by:

  1. reporting to SI Civil within 24 hours of the receipt of the allegation or knowledge of the incident;

  2. ensuring a prompt, objective, and thorough investigation is conducted; and 

  3. taking appropriate corrective action, including disciplinary action, if it is determined a violation of an SI Civil policy or other misconduct has occurred.

​Mandatory reporters may contact SI Civil with questions or may file an SI Civil report using one of the methods above. 

Other Complaint Processes

Reporting to the SI Civil Program is not equivalent to or in lieu of filing an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaint of discrimination or a grievance under the administrative or negotiated procedures included in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement. Employees and affiliated persons who allege harassment based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex (sexual orientation, gender identity, gender stereotyping and pregnancy), disability, age, genetic information and/or retaliation for protected EEO activity may also initiate the EEO discrimination complaint process in accordance with Smithsonian Directive 214 and the Equal Opportunity Handbook by contacting an EEO Counselor in Smithsonian's Office of Equal Employment and Supplier Diversity​ (OEESD) ​within 45 calendar days of the date of the alleged discriminatory conduct. You can contact OEESD through email or visit the OEESD website.

*Reporting Emergencies

If the incident or behavior involves a crime in progress or a specific threat of imminent bodily harm, individuals should treat this as an emergency and contact local law enforcement (e.g., 911), Smithsonian's Office of Protection Services (OPS), and/or the security office at their facility (if not staffed by OPS).