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Center for Innovation in Early Learning

Mission Statement of SEEC’s Center for Innovation in Early Learning (CIEL)

The mission of CIEL is to share its museum-based approach to learning in an effort to positively influence the practices used in educating young children in early childhood and museum settings.

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Join the SEEC Educational Outreach Program listserv to receive information on upcoming trainings and other opportunities related to early childhood education. To join the listserv simply send an email with your email address included in the text section to

Calendar of SEEC Professional Development Programs

Through educational outreach, the museum education team shares its expertise in using museum exhibits and artwork in conjunction with children’s literature and everyday objects to teach young children. SEEC offers information about its museum-based approach to learning through seminars and professional training classes, written materials, teaching kits, and customized consulting. Watch our website for upcomign dates and program information.


To see what professional development opportunities we have upcoming please go to:

Teachers Learning Together

For more information about any of our seminars please contact Brooke Shoemaker at 202-633-2945 or

  • Professional Development For Educators at Your School or Museum

    Two Hour Workshops at a Location of Your Choice:

    Connections and Collections: Engaging Young Minds in Math – Basic mathematical thinking is natural for children in that they sort, organize, and classify from a very early age. This type of thinking is integral to understanding math concepts. This session will build an understanding of how children use sorting and classifying to understand their world and how to nurture this inclination in the classroom. The concept of developing collections in the classroom as a teaching strategy will be introduced.

    Bringing the Museum to Your Classroom - Young children begin to explore their world through objects even before they begin to learn through language and books. The concrete nature of objects enriches the process by engaging a young child’s mind through sensory exploration. Museums are known for housing large collections of interesting objects. In this workshop, participants will learn how to make connections between the kinds of objects found in a museum and everyday objects that can be explored by children in the classroom.

    Never Too Young: Approaching Culturally Sensitive Content with Children – In today’s global society it is important that children learn about others and their cultural traditions. This session will illustrate universal themes that are common to all people and cultures as a strategy for thinking about others, and will then offer an approach that honors differences while being careful not to promote stereotypes. Although many artifacts and works of art offer authentic experiences for children to become acquainted with diverse cultures, some objects need to be presented with an awareness of culturally sensitive content. The idea of developing a positive and accepting attitude about differences will be part of the conversation.

    Promoting a Child's Sense of Wonder – Share moments of curiosity through science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Questioning techniques, inquiry, and the scientific method will be addressed as educators explore the wonders of nature with a variety of hand-on activities. Participants will leave the workshop with new ideas for science experiences that fit within the context of their students' interests and everyday connections to their classroom lessons.

    Customized Consulting

    SEEC offers consulting that is customized to each client’s needs. SEEC works with a wide range of organizations, from museums planning early childhood initiatives to community-based organizations seeking expertise in early childhood learning. Consultants from SEEC also support schools interested in implementing more effective field trips or districts seeking an arts-based or object-based approach to learning in their curriculum. We offer a wide variety of services that are customized to fit the needs of organizations interested in teaching young children in the museum environment or using museum-based methodology.

    Customized consulting may include, but is not limited to:

    • Utilizing the SEEC resource, Museum Magic, in your school or museum
    • Conceptual planning and analysis for the development of new programs
    • Docent training
    • Museum program development
    • Helping your museum be more inviting to families with young children
    • Development of thematic resource kits
    • Professional development for museum educators
    • Customized lesson plans
    • Designing and Implementing Field Trips
    • Model lessons with a SEEC master teacher
    • Teacher training or in-service training (early childhood and elementary school levels)
    • Exhibit evaluation (from the point of view of preschool children)

    Costs are determined by the scope of the project. For more information on SEEC’s consulting services, please contact Cynthia Raso, Director of the Center for Innovation in Early Learning, at 202.633.0121 or