The Vision of the Office of Sponsored Projects is to be the finest sponsored project administration office. OSP fosters proposal development for research, education, and exhibitions throughout the Smithsonian; promotes and sustains sound business practices; and provides the highest quality of administrative management and financial services to support the Smithsonian Institution’s mission. OSP encourages an environment of professional and cultural diversity.


The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) provides the Smithsonian community with administrative and financial services, through externally funded grants and contracts, to secure financial resources needed to carry out the Institution’s mission. These services include:

  • Identification of external sources of funding
  • Dissemination to potential principal investigators
  • Liaison with sponsors
  • Proposal development and preparation
  • Institutional and sponsor compliance
  • Proposal transmittal
  • Grant and contract negotiations and signature
  • Central administration of externally-funded projects
  • Financial management of externally-funded projects
  • Indirect cost calculation and negotiation
  • Audit liaison with Office of Naval Research, Defense Contract Audit Agency, Office of the Inspector General, and Sponsor Audit Liaison
  • Coordination, consultation, and collaboration with Smithsonian offices and units
  • Training of clients and staff
  • Advocacy of external funding
  • Performance measurement, analysis and reporting


OSP values honesty, personal and group integrity, rigor and responsibility, respect and courtesy, open communication, equity and tolerance, dedication and discipline. The staff endeavors to create an ideal work experience by sharing and upholding these values.


To support the Smithsonian’s mission and vision, OSP strives to meet five goals:

  • Provide customer-centered, results-oriented services for all Principal Investigators, fund managers and other Smithsonian staff to support the Institutional goals of public engagement and scientific research.
  • Facilitate the increase of the sponsored projects base and indirect cost recovery to enhance Smithsonian financial strength.
  • Inform Smithsonian stakeholders and promote the importance of sponsored projects to achieve the Institution’s strategic goals.
  • Promote management excellence with an environment of financial accountability, regulatory compliance and internal controls.
  • Strengthen the Institutional culture by encouraging and maintaining a nurturing environment for OSP staff.
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