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Smithsonian Training

Consultation for Use of Program Design Logic Models

OP&A is offering a one-hour free consultation on the use of logic models in program design every Tuesday morning at 10:00am on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact Whitney Watriss to schedule a session.

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Office of Policy and Analysis: Mission


The mission of the Office of Policy and Analysis (OP&A) is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Smithsonian Institution by providing timely and accurate information for decision making.


OP&A is respected for listening to clients and for being responsive to their needs. It is known and accepted as an invaluable resource for research and information that enhances the Smithsonian's performance and reputation. OP&A is proactive, always bringing a little more value added to what clients ask of it. People say, "It goes the extra mile."


  • To build and to maintain an independent, objective policy analysis capability within the Smithsonian Institution.
  • To initiate and complete major analytic studies of complex topics including exhibitions, collections, boards and commissions, programs and services.
  • To prepare a series of issue papers that address policy problems in selected areas.
  • To assist the Institution in strategic and operational planning and utilization of performance indicators or measures of progress.
  • To support the Smithsonian as a learning organization that responds effectively to changes in its environment.
  • To improve the communication of important insights relevant to decision making in general and specific decision situations.
  • To assist senior managers in the formulation, revision, and analysis of procedures, policies, and directives; program design; and program management and evaluation.
  • To generate policy-related data and written reports for the Secretary and senior managers.
  • To train museum professionals in the causes, consequences, and performance of museum policies and programs.
  • To facilitate involvement in multiple-stakeholder decisions.

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