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Smithsonian Training

Consultation for Use of Program Design Logic Models

OP&A is offering a one-hour free consultation on the use of logic models in program design every Tuesday morning at 10:00am on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact Whitney Watriss to schedule a session.

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Office of Policy and Analysis

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Drawing from extensive expertise in such disciplines as public administration, organization and management theory and practice, museum studies, sociology, international relations, and economics, the Office of Policy and Analysis (OP&A) offers an array of relevant multi-method research services, including policy analysis, program evaluation, strategic planning, performance measurement, exhibition planning and evaluation, visitor research, marketing research, statistical analysis and modeling, and quantitative and qualitative research methods (such as in-depth interviewing, observation, diverse sampling and survey techniques, peer reviews and focus groups).

OP&A keeps abreast of new developments, methods, and best practices in the museum field, and it also builds on private and nonprofit experiences to ensure awareness of the most current and innovative approaches to dealing with SI interests, opportunities, and challenges. OP&A emphasizes links between the sciences and humanities and plays a vital role in furthering interdisciplinary research. It also increases the professionalization, use, and institutionalization of analysis through training and mentoring of professionals.

The OP&A team includes highly skilled and experienced professionals who routinely host a number of national and international interns and fellows who not only supplement the permanent staff but bring fresh perspectives to OP&A's work and increase understanding among and integrate approaches to diverse cultures. Much of its work depends on both internal and external strategic alliances and collaborative relationships that involve multiple partners and complementary capabilities including shared resources, understanding, meaningful engagement, and new opportunities.