Valentine to Mary Henry

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A valentine sent to Mary Henry from an unknown suitor. He includes a love poem and signs the note "Valentine."
Transcript of poem: "To Mary Henry/Oh, were I a bird that could sing all the day,/I would fly to her bower to carol my [lay?]!/Or were I a breath of the soft scented air,/I would waft all my sweets to her bower so fair!/Or were I a thought could awaken a smile,/I would rest on her lip all her woes to beguile./I would make my bright throne in her sorrowing heart,/And each impulse that grew should its pleasures impart./Oh, were I a strain of some melody sweet,/I would steal to her chamber her slumber to greet./Or were I a dream could recall to her mind/The pleasures and joys she has long left behind./I would [hover?] around in the stillness of night and her visions of sleep should be joyously bright./I would kiss from her cheek every envious tear,/and guard her fond bosom from sorrow and fear./"Valentine""
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Smithsonian Institution Archives, Record Unit 7001, Box 58, Folder: 1
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Institutional History Division, Smithsonian Archives, 600 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20024-2520,
Henry, Mary Anna 1834-1903
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No restrictions
c. 1850s
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SIA2012-2990 and SIA2012-2991
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Number of Images: 2 Color: Black and White ; Size: 9w x 14.5h ; Type of Image: Document ; Medium: Paper
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