Puget Sound Geography ca. 1920's

Negative microfilm on file (8/1968) is filmed in reverse order--from right to left, with highest page Number at inside core of reel.
Map 1 = OPPS NEG 57252; Map 2 = OPPS NEG 57253 Map C = OPPS NEG 57251 Map A = OPPS NEG 57254 Map B = OPPS NEG 57255 Map C = OPPS NEG 57256 Map D= OPPS NEG 57257
manuscript and typescript document
Addl. KW Subjects
Clallam (Klallam)
Contents: Folder Number 1 Manuscript Section: Makah. Typed and handwritten. Also [apparently] Makah bibliography. Pages 4-46, odd page 40. Folder Number 2 Manuscript Section: Makah. Plates 1-15. Folder Number 3. Clallum and Chimakum. Pages 47-64. Folder Number 4 (filed in map case) Clallam. "Map B" (Olympic National Forest, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1915). 42 1/4" x 53 1/4". Copy Negative Number 57,250. "Map C" (U. S. Coast & Geodetic Chart Number 6300, 1918). 29 1/4" x 40 1/2". Copy Negative Number 57,251 (oversize negative filed in map case) Folder Number 5 Skokomish Pages 65-79. Folder Number 6 "Region Bordering Puget Sound Proper" Pages 80-81. Folder Number 7 Nisqually and Squaxin [Waterman's spelling] Typescript of Pages 101-120. Folder Number 8 Nisqually and Squaxin Pages 101-120. Folder Number 9 Pages found following Nisqually and Squaxin section (pages aberrantly numbered) Folder Number 10 Puyallup. Typescript of 121-127. Folder Number 11 Puyallup. Pages 121-127. Folder Number 12 Puyallup. "Map A" (U.S.G.S. Tacoma Quad.) Folder 13 Seattle Pages 129-135; added 3e; le-ls, inclusive 2; 3 136-219.
Folder Number 14 Manuscript Section: Seattle. Map (U.S.G.S. Snohomish Quad.) Folder Number 15 Manuscript Section: "Alphabetical List of Names for places" Pages 257-269. Folder Number 16 Snohomish (Vicinity of Everett, Washington) Pages 272-276. Folder Number 17 Snohomish. Typescript of pages 272-276. Folder Number 18 Snohomish. "Map B" (U.S.G.S. Washington and Snohomish Quads.) Folder Number 19 Snohomish (Whidbey Island, etc.) Typescript of pages 277-289. Folder Number 20 Snohomish (Whidbey Island, etc.) Pages 277-289. Folder Number 21 Snohomish (Whidbey Island, etc.) "Map C" (Part of U.S.C.&G. Chart 6300) And 3 adjoining cut sections showing Whidbey & Camano Islands. Folder Number 22 "Cut Map" (Admirality Inlet & Puget Sound to Seattle, Washington, U.S.C.&G. Chart Number ) (Incomplete June, 1968) Folder Number 23 (filed in map case) Maps on tracing cloth, "ready for engraver" Makah: Map 1. Showing the Tatoosh Island group. 2 copies. 12 1/4" x 9 3/4". Copy Negative Number 57,252. Map 2. Showing Indian Names for Places in the Vicinity of Cape Flattery 36 1/8" x 32". Copy Negative Number 57,253. Puget Sound Salish: Map A. Showing the Indian Names for Places Near Seattle. [Completed ? An overlay which was drawn to reinforce the faint shore lines was used in making the copy negative and is now filed with the original in map case.] 36 3/4" x 15 1/2". Copy Negative Number 57,254. Map B. Showing the Indian Names for Places on the Snoqualmie River and its Tributaries. 20" x 15". Copy Negative Number 57,255. Map C. Showing the Indian Names for Places along the Western Shore of Puget Sound, opposite Seattle. 36 3/4" x 18 1/2". Copy Negative Number 57,256. Map D. Showing Indian Names for Lakes and Streams in the Vicinity of Seattle. G. M. Mullett, 1922. 32 7/8" x 26 5/8". Copy Negative Number 57,257. Folder Number 24 Manuscript Section: Puget Sound Geography. Miscellaneous Photos. Folder Number 25 Manuscript Section: Fragmentary bibliographic notes (1 page.)
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Manuscript 1864, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
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National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland
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National Anthropological Archives
Waterman, T. T (Thomas Talbot) b. 1885
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