Himalayan Shaman of Southern Nepal 1967

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John T. Hitchcock paper records and photographs are held in the National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution.
John T. Hitchcock was a cultural anthropologist who studied shamanism and cultures of Himalayas of Nepal and India.
Donated by J. Fred MacDonald in 2007.
Edited film made in association with Patricia Hitchcock was filmed in a Magar village next to Banyan Hill in the lower Himalayas. Film documents a shaman who lives on a small farm and provides various healing services to local peoples including going into a trance (spells and spirit contact), animal sacrifice and Ayurvedic medicines (potions), a traditional Hindu medical practice. The shaman is an ex-Gurkha soldier who served in the British Gurkha Brigade for many years but returned to his home to practice the traditional medicine he learned from his father.
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Hitchcock, John Thayer 1917-2001
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