Cocoanut Grove Caricature Dress

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After caricaturist Ralph Barton published an illustration in Vanity Fair highlighting the film-world elite dining at Hollywood's legendary Cocoanut Grove restaurant, the design was chosen for an Americana series of silk fabrics. One young flapper chose the Cocoanut Grove silk to make into this simple frock. Famous profiles of John Barrymore, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, and Eddie Cantor pop out of the picture; Charlie Chaplin scurries in late; film industry regulator Will Hays serves as the maître d'hôtel. The dress, still stained from its partygoing career, undoubtedly evoked for its owner the tempo, glamour, and theatricality of metropolitan life. To her elders, though, it must have seemed shockingly revealing of arms and legs.
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Decorative Arts\Clothing
Cecil Blount DeMille: Male
Cecil Blount DeMille: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
Cecil Blount DeMille: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
Cecil Blount DeMille: Oscar
Cecil Blount DeMille: Legion of Honor
Lillian Gish: Female
Lillian Gish: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Lillian Gish: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Lillian Gish: Oscar
Eddie Cantor: Male
Eddie Cantor: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Eddie Cantor: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Eddie Cantor: Literature\Writer\Screenwriter
Eddie Cantor: Oscar
David Lewelyn Wark Griffith: Male
David Lewelyn Wark Griffith: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
David Lewelyn Wark Griffith: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
David Lewelyn Wark Griffith: Oscar
Joan Crawford: Female
Joan Crawford: Society and Social Change\Philanthropist
Joan Crawford: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Joan Crawford: Performing Arts\Performer\Dancer
Joan Crawford: Business and Industry\Businessperson\Director
Joan Crawford: Oscar
Will H. Hays: Male
Will H. Hays: Law and Law Enforcement\Lawyer
Will H. Hays: Politics and Government\Government Official\Postmaster\Postmaster General\US Postmaster General
Will H. Hays: Business and Industry\Businessperson\Executive\Motion Pictures
Will H. Hays: Politics and Government\Government Official\Postmaster\Postmaster General
George Jean Nathan: Male
George Jean Nathan: Literature\Writer
George Jean Nathan: Communications\Journalist\Reporter\Newspaper
George Jean Nathan: Communications\Journalist\Editor\Magazine
George Jean Nathan: Humanities and Social Sciences\Critic\Theater
Clara Gordon Bow: Female
Clara Gordon Bow: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Norma Shearer: Female
Norma Shearer: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Norma Shearer: Oscar
Henry Louis Mencken: Male
Henry Louis Mencken: Communications\Publisher\Magazine
Henry Louis Mencken: Communications\Journalist\Editor\Newspaper
Henry Louis Mencken: Communications\Journalist\Reporter\Newspaper
Henry Louis Mencken: Literature\Writer\Essayist
Henry Louis Mencken: Humanities and Social Sciences\Critic\Literary
Henry Louis Mencken: Communications\Publisher\Book
Harold Clayton Lloyd: Male
Harold Clayton Lloyd: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
Harold Clayton Lloyd: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
Harold Clayton Lloyd: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Harold Clayton Lloyd: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Harold Clayton Lloyd: Oscar
Buster Keaton: Male
Buster Keaton: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
Buster Keaton: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Buster Keaton: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Buster Keaton: Performing Arts\Performer\Vaudeville
Buster Keaton: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Television
Buster Keaton: Oscar
Gloria May Josephine Swanson: Female
Gloria May Josephine Swanson: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Lionel Barrymore: Male
Lionel Barrymore: Visual Arts\Artist\Printmaker\Etcher
Lionel Barrymore: Literature\Writer
Lionel Barrymore: Performing Arts
Lionel Barrymore: Performing Arts\Performer\Musician\Composer
Lionel Barrymore: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Lionel Barrymore: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Lionel Barrymore: Literature\Writer\Novelist
Lionel Barrymore: Performing Arts\Performer\Entertainer\Radio
Lionel Barrymore: Oscar
Theodore Dreiser: Male
Theodore Dreiser: Communications\Journalist\Reporter\Newspaper
Theodore Dreiser: Literature\Writer\Novelist
Lowell J. Sherman: Male
Beatrice Lillie: Female
Beatrice Lillie: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Beatrice Lillie: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Beatrice Lillie: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Beatrice Lillie: Performing Arts\Performer\Entertainer\Radio
Beatrice Lillie: Performing Arts\Performer\Vaudeville
Dorothy Gish: Female
Dorothy Gish: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Marcus Loew: Male
Marcus Loew: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery: Male
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery: Oscar
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin: Male
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin: Performing Arts\Performer\Vaudeville
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin: Literature\Writer\Screenwriter
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin: Oscar
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Male
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Literature\Writer\Novelist
Lon Chaney: Male
Lon Chaney: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Lon Chaney: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Lon Chaney: Performing Arts\Performer\Vaudeville
John Barrymore: Male
John Barrymore: Visual Arts\Artist\Sculptor
John Barrymore: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
John Barrymore: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
John Barrymore: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Colleen Moore: Female
Colleen Moore: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
John Gilbert: Male
John Gilbert: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
John Gilbert: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
John Gilbert: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
John Gilbert: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
John Gilbert: Literature\Writer\Screenwriter
Joseph Hergesheimer: Male
Joseph Hergesheimer: Literature\Writer\Novelist
Peggy Montgomery: Female
Peggy Montgomery: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Peggy Montgomery: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Child
Samuel Goldwyn: Male
Samuel Goldwyn: Literature\Writer
Samuel Goldwyn: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
Samuel Goldwyn: Business and Industry\Businessperson\Industrialist\Manufacturer
Samuel Goldwyn: Performing Arts\Director\Theater
Samuel Goldwyn: Oscar
Samuel Goldwyn: Presidential Medal of Freedom
Morris Gest: Male
Morris Gest: Performing Arts\Producer\Theater
Ernst Lubitsch: Male
Ernst Lubitsch: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Ernst Lubitsch: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
Ernst Lubitsch: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Ernst Lubitsch: Oscar
Will Rogers: Male
Will Rogers: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Will Rogers: Society and Social Change\Philanthropist
Will Rogers: Communications\Journalist\Columnist
Will Rogers: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Will Rogers: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
Will Rogers: Natural Resources\Agriculturist\Cowboy
Will Rogers: Communications\Journalist\Humorist
Will Rogers: Performing Arts\Performer\Showman
Will Rogers: Communications\Broadcast Journalist\Commentator
Will Rogers: Politics and Government\Public Official\Mayor\Beverly Hills, CA
Mary Pickford: Female
Mary Pickford: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Mary Pickford: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
Mary Pickford: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Mary Pickford: Oscar
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.: Male
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.: Oscar
Carl Van Vechten: Male
Carl Van Vechten: Visual Arts\Artist\Photographer
Carl Van Vechten: Humanities and Social Sciences\Critic\Music
Carl Van Vechten: Literature\Writer\Novelist
Carl Van Vechten: Humanities and Social Sciences\Critic\Theater
Jack Dempsey: Male
Jack Dempsey: Sports and Recreation\Athlete\Boxing
Jack Dempsey: Business and Industry\Businessperson\Restaurateur
Adolph Zukor: Male
Adolph Zukor: Performing Arts\Producer
Adolph Zukor: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
Adolph Zukor: Performing Arts\Producer\Theater
Greta Garbo: Female
Greta Garbo: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Greta Garbo: Oscar
Richard Barthelmess: Male
Richard Barthelmess: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Jesse Louis Lasky: Male
Jesse Louis Lasky: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
William Fox: Male
William Fox: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
Erich Von Stroheim: Male
Erich Von Stroheim: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
Erich Von Stroheim: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Erich Von Stroheim: Literature\Writer\Novelist
Lewis J. Cody: Male
Lewis J. Cody: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Thomas Meighan: Male
Thomas Meighan: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
William Randolph Hearst: Male
William Randolph Hearst: Politics and Government\Presidential Candidate
William Randolph Hearst: Communications\Publisher\Magazine
William Randolph Hearst: Communications\Publisher\Newspaper
William Randolph Hearst: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
William Randolph Hearst: Visual Arts\Art Collector
William Randolph Hearst: Politics and Government\US Congressman\New York
Owen Moore: Male
Owen Moore: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Owen Moore: Performing Arts\Producer
Louis Burt Mayer: Male
Louis Burt Mayer: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
Louis Burt Mayer: Business and Industry\Businessperson\Executive\Motion Pictures
Louis Burt Mayer: Oscar
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Male
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Politics and Government\Diplomat
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Business and Industry\Businessperson\Entrepreneur
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Performing Arts\Producer\Television
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Politics and Government\Diplomatic Agent
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Performing Arts\Film Production Manager
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Legion of Honor
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Business and Industry\Businessperson\Television industry leader
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Distinguished Service Cross
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Military\Navy\Officer\World War II
Mack Sennett: Male
Mack Sennett: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Mack Sennett: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
Mack Sennett: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
Mack Sennett: Oscar
Carmel Myers: Female
Carmel Myers: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Jackie Coogan: Male
Jackie Coogan: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Jackie Coogan: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Television
Jackie Coogan: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Child
Jackie Coogan: Military\Army
Bessie Love: Female
Bessie Love: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Adolphe Menjou: Male
Adolphe Menjou: Military\Army\Officer\Captain
Adolphe Menjou: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Victor McLaglen: Male
Victor McLaglen: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Victor McLaglen: Oscar
Mary Astor: Female
Mary Astor: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Mary Astor: Oscar
Anita Loos: Female
Anita Loos: Literature\Writer\Novelist
Anita Loos: Literature\Writer\Playwright
Anita Loos: Literature\Writer\Screenwriter
Constance Talmadge: Female
Constance Talmadge: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Joseph Schildkraut: Visual Arts\Artist
Joseph Schildkraut: Male
Joseph Schildkraut: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Eleanor Boardman: Female
Eleanor Boardman: Society and Social Change\Fashion model
Eleanor Boardman: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Patsy Ruth Miller: Female
Patsy Ruth Miller: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Patsy Ruth Miller: Literature\Writer\Novelist
William Haines: Male
William Haines: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
William Haines: Visual Arts\Designer\Interior Designer
Betty Bronson: Female
Betty Bronson: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Betty Bronson: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Betty Bronson: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Television
Renee Adoree: Female
Renee Adoree: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Renee Adoree: Performing Arts\Performer\Circus
Fannie Ward: Female
Fannie Ward: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Fannie Ward: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Fannie Ward: Performing Arts\Performer\Vaudeville
Dolores Costello: Female
Dolores Costello: Society and Social Change\Wife
Dolores Costello: Society and Social Change\Fashion model
Dolores Costello: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Anna Q. Nilsson: Female
Anna Q. Nilsson: Society and Social Change\Fashion model
Anna Q. Nilsson: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Sally O'Neil: Female
Sally O'Neil: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Lois Moran: Female
Lois Moran: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Lois Moran: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Lois Moran: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Television
Lois Moran: Performing Arts\Performer\Dancer
Lois Moran: Performing Arts\Dance Instructor
Richard Dix: Male
Richard Dix: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Richard Dix: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Edmund Goulding: Male
Edmund Goulding: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Edmund Goulding: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
Edmund Goulding: Performing Arts\Director\Theater
Edmund Goulding: Literature\Writer\Playwright
Edmund Goulding: Literature\Writer\Screenwriter
Ramon Novarro: Male
Ramon Novarro: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Ramon Novarro: Performing Arts\Performer\Vaudeville
Mauritz Stiller: Male
Mauritz Stiller: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
Mauritz Stiller: Performing Arts\Director\Theater
Vilma Banky: Female
Vilma Banky: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Emil Jannings: Male
Emil Jannings: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Emil Jannings: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Emil Jannings: Oscar
Lya de Putti: Female
Lya de Putti: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Lya de Putti: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Lya de Putti: Performing Arts\Performer\Vaudeville
Lil Dagover: Female
Lil Dagover: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Lil Dagover: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
James Robert Quirk: Male
James Robert Quirk: Communications\Publisher\Magazine
James Robert Quirk: Communications\Journalist\Reporter
James Robert Quirk: Communications\Journalist\Editor\Magazine
James Robert Quirk: Communications\Journalist\Columnist
Lothar Mendes: Male
Lothar Mendes: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Lothar Mendes: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
Lothar Mendes: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
Lothar Mendes: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Lothar Mendes: Literature\Writer\Screenwriter
Marion Davies: Female
Marion Davies: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Marion Davies: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Max Reinhardt: Male
Max Reinhardt: Performing Arts\Director\Theater
Max Reinhardt: Performing Arts\Producer\Theater
Alla Nazimova: Female
Alla Nazimova: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
Alla Nazimova: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Alla Nazimova: Performing Arts\Performer\Dancer
Alla Nazimova: Performing Arts\Performer\Musician\Violinist
William Claude Fields: Male
William Claude Fields: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Theater
William Claude Fields: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
William Claude Fields: Performing Arts\Performer\Comedian
William Claude Fields: Performing Arts\Performer\Entertainer\Radio
F. W. Murnau: Male
F. W. Murnau: Performing Arts\Director
Pola Negri: Female
Pola Negri: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Paul Morand: Male
Paul Morand: Literature\Writer
Konrad Bercovici: Male
Konrad Bercovici: Literature\Writer
Aileen Pringle: Female
Aileen Pringle: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Jim Tully: Male
Jim Tully: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Jim Tully: Literature\Writer\Novelist
Jim Tully: Literature\Writer\Screenwriter
Elinor Glyn: Female
Elinor Glyn: Literature\Writer
Irving Thalberg: Male
Irving Thalberg: Business and Industry\Businessperson\Executive\Motion Pictures
Pauline Stark: Female
Pauline Stark: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
King Vidor: Male
King Vidor: Performing Arts\Director
Carl Laemmle: Male
Carl Laemmle: Business and Industry\Businessperson
Carl Laemmle: Visual Arts\Founder
Carl Laemmle: Performing Arts\Producer
Carl Laemmle: Business and Industry\Businessperson\Executive\Motion Pictures
Edward "Hoot" Gibson: Male
Edward "Hoot" Gibson: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Timothy John Fitzgerald McCoy: Male
Timothy John Fitzgerald McCoy: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Matt Moore: Male
Matt Moore: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Mae Murray: Female
Mae Murray: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Mae Murray: Performing Arts\Performer
May Allison: Female
May Allison: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Tom Moore: Male
Tom Moore: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Noah Beery, Sr.: Male
Noah Beery, Sr.: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Tom Mix: Male
Tom Mix: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Tom Mix: Natural Resources\Agriculturist\Cowboy
Estelle Taylor: Female
Estelle Taylor: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Blanche Sweet: Female
Blanche Sweet: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Marshal "Mickey" Neilan: Male
Marshal "Mickey" Neilan: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Marshal "Mickey" Neilan: Performing Arts\Director
Louise Brooks: Female
Louise Brooks: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Bebe Daniels: Female
Bebe Daniels: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
Norma Talmadge: Female
Norma Talmadge: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Frances Marion Owens: Female
Frances Marion Owens: Literature\Writer\Screenwriter
Florence Vidor: Female
Florence Vidor: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
George Fitzmaurice: Male
George Fitzmaurice: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
George Fitzmaurice: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor\Movie
George Fitzmaurice: Literature\Writer\Screenwriter
Syd Chaplin: Male
Syd Chaplin: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Harry Langdon: Male
Harry Langdon: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Justine Johnston: Female
Justine Johnston: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Justine Johnston: Performing Arts\Performer\Musician\Singer
Sid Grauman: Male
Sid Grauman: Business and Industry\Businessperson\Executive\Theater
Ronald Coleman: Male
Ronald Coleman: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Mary Philbin: Female
Mary Philbin: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Walter Wanger: Male
Walter Wanger: Performing Arts\Producer
Thomas Moreno: Male
Thomas Moreno: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Betty Compson: Female
Betty Compson: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Betty Compson: Performing Arts\Producer\Motion Pictures
Conrad Nagel: Male
Conrad Nagel: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Corinne Griffith: Female
Corinne Griffith: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
H. B. Warner: Male
H. B. Warner: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
Louella Parsons: Female
Louella Parsons: Communications\Journalist\Columnist
Mabel Normand: Female
Mabel Normand: Performing Arts\Performer\Actor
James Cruze: Male
James Cruze: Performing Arts\Director\Motion Pictures
Joseph M. Schenck: Male
Joseph M. Schenck: Performing Arts\Producer
Joseph M. Schenck: Business and Industry\Businessperson\Executive
National Portrait Gallery
Ralph Barton, 1891 - 1931
StenliSilks Corporation
Norma Shearer, 4 Oct 1900? - Jun 1983
John Barrymore, 15 Feb 1882 - 29 May 1942
Eleanor Boardman, 19 Aug 1898 - 12 Dec 1991
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., 23 May 1883 - 12 Dec 1939
Mary Pickford, 8 Apr 1892 - 29 May 1979
Marion Davies, 3 Jan 1897 - 22 Sep 1961
Patsy Ruth Miller, 22 Jun 1905 - 16 Jul 1995
William Haines, 1900 - 26 Nov 1973
Betty Bronson, 17 Nov 1907 - 19 Oct 1971
Renee Adoree, 30 Sep 1898 - 5 Oct 1933
Fannie Ward, 1872 - 27 Jan 1952
Peggy Montgomery, born 1918/1919
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., 1909 - 2000
Dolores Costello, 17 Sep 1905 - 1 Mar 1979
Lowell J. Sherman, 1885 - 1934
Clara Gordon Bow, 29 Jul 1905 - 26 Sep 1965
Joan Crawford, 23 Mar 1904 - 13 May 1977
Mary Astor, 3 May 1906 - 25 Sep 1987
Anna Q. Nilsson, 30 May 1890 - 1974
Sally O'Neil, 23 Oct 1908 - 1968
Jackie Coogan, 26 Oct 1914 - 1 Mar 1984
Lois Moran, 1 Mar 1908 - 13 Jul 1990
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, 16 Apr 1889 - 25 Dec 1977
Richard Dix, 8 Aug 1894 - 20 Sep 1949
Edmund Goulding, 20 Mar 1891 - 24 Dec 1959
Ramon Novarro, 6 Feb 1899 - 31 Oct 1968
Mauritz Stiller, 17 Jul 1883 - Nov 1928
Vilma Banky, 9 Jan 1898 - 18 Mar 1991
Emil Jannings, 23 Jul 1884 - 2 Jan 1950
Lya de Putti, 1901 - 27 Nov 1931
Lil Dagover, 30 Sep 1897 - 23 Jan 1980
James Robert Quirk, c. 1883 - 1 Aug 1932
Ernst Lubitsch, 29 Jan 1892 - 30 Nov 1947
Lothar Mendes, 19 May 1894 - 25 Feb 1974
George Jean Nathan, 14 Feb 1882 - 8 Apr 1958
F. W. Murnau, 1888 - 1931
Joseph Schildkraut, 1895 - 1964
Pola Negri, 1894 - 1987
Erich Von Stroheim, 22 Sep 1885 - 12 May 1957
Max Reinhardt, 9 Sep 1873 - 31 Oct 1943
Carl Van Vechten, 17 Jun 1880 - 21 Dec 1964
Paul Morand, 1888 - 1976
Anita Loos, 26 Apr 1888 - 18 Aug 1981
Konrad Bercovici, 1882 - 1961
Aileen Pringle, 1895 - 1989
Henry Louis Mencken, 12 Sep 1880 - 29 Jan 1956
F. Scott Fitzgerald, 24 Sep 1896 - 21 Dec 1940
Jim Tully, 1891 - 1947
Theodore Dreiser, 27 Aug 1871 - 28 Dec 1945
Joseph Hergesheimer, 15 Feb 1880 - 25 Apr 1954
Elinor Glyn, 1864 - 1943
Gloria May Josephine Swanson, 27 Mar 1899 - 4 Apr 1983
Irving Thalberg, 1899 - 1936
Greta Garbo, 18 Sep 1905 - 15 Apr 1990
John Gilbert, 10 Jul 1897 - 9 Jan 1936
Pauline Stark, 1900 - 1977
King Vidor, 1894 - 1982
Louis Burt Mayer, 1885 - 29 Oct 1957
Cecil Blount DeMille, 12 Aug 1881 - 21 Jan 1959
Marcus Loew, 7 May 1870 - 5 Sep 1927
Samuel Goldwyn, 27 Aug 1882 - 31 Jan 1974
Carl Laemmle, 1867 - 1939
Jesse Louis Lasky, 1880 - 1958
Adolph Zukor, 7 Jan 1873 - 10 Jun 1976
Morris Gest, 1881 - 1942
Victor McLaglen, 1886 - 1959
Edward "Hoot" Gibson, 1892 - 1962
Timothy John Fitzgerald McCoy, 1891 - 1978
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery, 1 Apr 1885 - 15 Apr 1949
Matt Moore, 8 Jan 1888 - 21 Jan 1960
Mae Murray, 10 May 1889 - 23 Mar 1965
Lewis J. Cody, 1887 - 1934
William Fox, 1879 - 1952
Colleen Moore, 1902 - 1988
David Lewelyn Wark Griffith, 22 Jan 1875 - 23 Jul 1948
May Allison, 1895 - 1989
Tom Moore, c.1884 - 1955
Owen Moore, 1886 - 1939
Noah Beery, Sr., 1884 - 1946
Tom Mix, 6 Jan 1880 - 12 Oct 1940
Lon Chaney, 1 Apr 1883 - 26 Aug 1930
Jack Dempsey, 24 Jun 1895 - 31 May 1983
Alla Nazimova, 4 Jun 1878 - 13 Jul 1945
Richard Barthelmess, 1895 - 1963
Estelle Taylor, 1899 - 1958
Blanche Sweet, 1896 - 1986
Marshal "Mickey" Neilan, 1891 - 1958
Louise Brooks, 1868 - 1929
Buster Keaton, 4 Oct 1895 - 1 Feb 1966
Bebe Daniels, 1901 - 1961
Will Rogers, 4 Nov 1879 - 15 Aug 1935
Lillian Gish, 14 Oct 1893 - 27 Feb 1993
Will H. Hays, 5 Nov 1879 - 7 Mar 1954
Dorothy Gish, 1898 - 1968
Constance Talmadge, c. 1899 - 1973
Bessie Love, 10 Sep 1898 - 26 Apr 1986
Lionel Barrymore, 28 Apr 1878 - 15 Nov 1954
Norma Talmadge, 1897 - 1957
Frances Marion Owens, 1890 - 1973
Florence Vidor, 1895 - 1977
George Fitzmaurice, 1895 - 1940
Eddie Cantor, Sept 1892 - 10 Oct 1964
Mack Sennett, 1880 - 1960
Adolphe Menjou, 18 Feb 1890 - 29 Oct 1963
Thomas Meighan, 1879 - 1936
Syd Chaplin, 1885 - 1965
Harry Langdon, 1884 - 1944
Justine Johnston
Beatrice Lillie, 29 May 1894 - 20 Jan 1989
Sid Grauman, 1879 - 1950
Ronald Coleman, 1891 - 1958
Mary Philbin, 1903 - 1993
William Randolph Hearst, 29 Apr 1863 - 14 Aug 1951
Walter Wanger, 1894 - 1968
Thomas Moreno, 1887 - 1967
Betty Compson, 1897 - 1974
Carmel Myers, 1900 - 1980
Conrad Nagel, 1897 - 1970
Corinne Griffith, 1896 - 1979
William Claude Fields, 29 Jan 1880 - 25 Dec 1946
H. B. Warner, 1876 - 1958
Louella Parsons, 1893 - 1972
Harold Clayton Lloyd, 20 Apr 1894 - 8 Mar 1971
Mabel Normand, 1894 - 1930
James Cruze, 1884 - 1942
Joseph M. Schenck, 1878 - 1961
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; partial gift of Richard Merkin
Printed silk
Dress (on pillow in box): 98 x 70 x 3.5 cm. (38 9/16 x 27 9/16 x 1 3/8")
Belt: 90.5 x 7.5 cm. (35 5/8 x 3")
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National Portrait Gallery Collection
c. 1927
Object number
Beatrice Lillie: Canadian
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin: European\British\English
Samuel Goldwyn: European\Polish
Ernst Lubitsch: European\German
Will Rogers: Native American\American Indian\Southeastern\Cherokee
Mary Pickford: Canadian
Mary Pickford: American
Adolph Zukor: European\Hungarian
Greta Garbo: European\Scandinavian\Swedish
Erich Von Stroheim: European\Austrian
Louis Burt Mayer: European\Russian
Renee Adoree: European\French
Anna Q. Nilsson: European\Scandinavian\Swedish
Edmund Goulding: European\British\English
Ramon Novarro: Hispanic
Ramon Novarro: Mexican
Mauritz Stiller: European\Russian
Mauritz Stiller: European\Polish
Mauritz Stiller: European\Finnish
Vilma Banky: European\Hungarian
Emil Jannings: European\Swiss
Emil Jannings: European\Austrian
Lothar Mendes: European\German
Alla Nazimova: European\Russian
Carl Laemmle: European\German