Piece Of Mummy Cartonnage

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Reads from R to L. Col. 1. A gift which the king gives to Osiris, foremost of the westerners; Col. 2 Lord of Abydos, may he give bread offerings, provisions, invocation offerings of beef and fowl, incense, linen, and every food and pure things, and every good sweet thing to the Osiris, lady of the house, Di-es-[x]ha-r-ib-r, daughter of...
From NMNH Exhibit Hall "Eternal Life in Ancient Egypt" label for this artifact, 2011: Cartonnage (papier mâché) coffin fragment with Anubis figure, 940-525 B.C. Originally, another image of Anubis appeared on the opposite side from the existing one, to protect the words guaranteeing the mummy eternal food and drink. The fragment comes from the foot of the coffin, and it is painted upside down so the mummy can read it.
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6 Jul 2017
NMNH - Anthropology Dept.
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John C. Davis
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Qena, Upper Egypt, Egypt, Africa
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Mummy Wrapping
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Egyptian, III Intermediate Period
: Dynasty XXI