Poster for a Black Rock festival in Italy

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A Black Rock Festival poster used at the Renoir Club in Bari, Italy with primary colors that are white, black, red, green, and yellow throughout. The header, top third, is black with mainly white type, that reads "LA GAZZETTA/ DEL MEZZOGIORNO" in the top left corner. The logo for Associazione/ culturale/ izimbra" is in the center, and "MINISTERO DEL TURISMO/ E DELLO SPETTACOLO/ COMUNE DI BARI/ Assessorato allo Spettacolo" at top right. Underneath in red and green type with white bordering, are letters that read "BLACK ROCK" with "FESTIVAL" spread out underneath in yellow type. There is a small blurb underneath the header, with a white banner with black centered type that reads "tributo a Jimi Hendrix ~ da Hendrix alla Black Rock Coalition." Below the remainder of the poster is split into three columns/sections, all separated by white jagged lines. The left column features red with black type with two white abstract depictions of guitars, mirrored, touching heads. On the inside top guitar, reads "24 GIUGNO" with "JJ JUMPERS/ JEAN PAUL BOURELLY/ KELVYNATOR X SLAM-FUNK POSSE" written underneath. Inside the bottom guitar reads "26 GIUGNO" with "GOOD GUYS/ D-XTREME/ BLACK ROCK ORCHESTRA" underneath. There is also a black logo for Doctor Musik Nice Price in the middle, outside of the guitars to the left. The middle column, gray with black and white text, has a black abstract guitar sitting on its body, with white facial features on the body of the guitar. Above, in black type, letters read "RENOIR CLUB - BARI/ VIA M. LOSACCO 8/~ore 21.00~." Underneath, in white type, reads "~PREVENDITE~/ DOCTOR MUSIK NICE PRICE/ Via Putignani, 215 - BARI/ Tel. 080/ 5246686/ DOCTOR MUSIK/ Via P. Amedeo, 154-BARI/ Tel. 080/ 5210856 5244686/ CANTON BLUE/ V.le Unita d'Italia, 63/8 - BARI/ Tel. 080/5575532/ RACCOMANDATO DA/ radionorba" in various fonts and sizes. The right column features green with black type on two white abstract depictions of guitars that are mirrored, touching heads. Inside the top guitar are letters that read "25 GUIGNO" with "P.B.R. STREET GANG/ TASHAN/ GAInside the bottom guitar words read "27 GUIGNO" with "MICHAEL HILL'S BLUESLAND/ BLACK ROCK ORCHESTRA/ Featuring BERNIE WORRELL" underneath. There is also a black logo for Doctor Musik, 1998, Dischi, in black type, centered to the right. There is a white border around the entire poster.
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of the Black Rock Coalition - LaRonda Davis, President
Restrictions & Rights
Unknown - Restrictions Possible
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National Museum of African American History and Culture Collection
Documents and Published Materials
ca. 1991
Object number
Subject of
Black Rock Coalition, American, founded 1985
African American
Associations and institutions
Hip hop (Music)
Jazz (Music)
Mass media
Rhythm and blues (Music)
Rock and roll (Music)
Place used
Bari, Italy, Europe
ink on paper
H x W: 39 3/8 × 27 9/16 in. (100 × 70 cm)
National Museum of African American History and Culture