Smithsonian Fiscal Year 2018 Federal Budget Totals $1 Billion

March 28, 2018
News Release
Smithsonian Sunburst

The final appropriation for the Smithsonian for fiscal year 2018 is $1 billion, an increase of $96 million above what had been requested for this fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. Most of the increase will be directed to the National Air and Space Museum’s multiyear revitalization project—$198 million for the museum itself and $10 million to complete the storage facility in Chantilly, Va., that will be used to house large artifacts during the project.

Salaries and Expenses

The S&E appropriation for FY 2018 is $731.4 million, an increase of $12.4 million, about $2 million above the FY 2017 level. The approved amount includes funding for most of the fixed-cost increases (utilities, rent, software licenses and other operating expenses) and salaries, which this year included a 1.9 percent pay raise for federal employees.

In addition to maintaining funds included in the FY 2017 appropriation for security positions at the most visited museums, the bill provided $600,000 for collections, information technology security and privacy programs. An additional $2 million was allotted for the Smithsonian’s recently announced American Women’s History Initiative.

Facilities Capital

The Facilities Capital appropriation for renovations and repairs of some of the oldest and most visited museums is $332 million. More than half of this amount will go toward the renovation of the National Air and Space Museum ($198 million), which is scheduled to begin this summer. The remaining funds appropriated for Facilities Capital ($103.9 million) will be allocated for projects at the National Museum of Natural History; the National Zoo; the National Museum of the American Indian; the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum; and smaller renovation projects at multiple locations. An additional amount will be used for planning and design of future projects.

A budget summary for the FY 2017 appropriation, FY 2018 request and final FY 2018 appropriation level follows:


Fiscal Year 2017 Appropriated

Fiscal Year 2018 Request

Fiscal Year 2018

Salaries and Expenses (S&E)




Facilities Capital


Planning and Design for future projects

Construction (collections storage module)




















Total Accounts





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